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Friday, March 18, 2011

You're not mad because I don't want you...You're mad because I F**ked someone else

Nick came up and knocked on the door but I didn't answer.  As he was turning away he saw me across the way sitting between Lamar's legs getting a massage.  Nick got angry, came over to Lamar's and knocked on the door.  I saw him standing in the door.  I got up and went to the door to see what he wanted and why he was coming over to my house.  When I opened the door to see what he wanted Nick grabbed me by the throat and drug me across the way back to my house.  I was hitting him trying to get him off of me but he would not let go of me.

We got in the house and Nick slammed the door with his free hand and threw me on the couch.  I jumped up and he slapped me.  I fell back down on the couch and he told me not to move.  I thought to myself this man is crazy but he doesn't know who he's messing with.  I reached between the pillow to grab the knife that I kept and waited for him to charge at me again because I was going to take his life.

He started yelling and screaming at me talking about how I don't love him because I will sleep with anybody.  The only person that I cared about was myself and some other stuff.  I didn't care what he said as long as he didn't put his hands on me anymore.

Suddenly it came to me that he wasn't mad because I slept with Terrence but he was pissed off because I enjoyed it too much and Terrence did to and it was like he wasn't even there. 

Nick jumped over the table at me and I pulled the knife out.  He seen it and stopped in the middle of his tracks, he started yelling in my face but I was just staring at him because it just didn't phase me anymore.

The police arrived about fifteen minutes later and as they were trying to find out what was going on they heard Nick screaming and I could see the police lights through the window.  I started screaming at Nick. "Don't be mad at me because your boy screwed me better in one night than you did in the four years we were together."  He didn't like that so he slapped me and the police saw him slap me.  They rushed in and threw him on the ground and arrested him for domestic violence.  I had slid the knife back between the cushions so that the police would not see it.  While they were arresting Nick he kept yelling that he was going to get me and I would pay for what I had done to him.

I called Ronny when the police had left and all the commotion died down, and told him what had just happened.  Ronny told me that he would be over the next morning because he had to take care of something first.

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