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Friday, March 18, 2011

On cloud 9

One night Nick called me up and said that he and Terrance were going to kick it and Cindy would be over there after she got off work.  Nick didn't want to be alone with them so he asked me to go with him.  I didn't want to but Malik hadn't called me.  I decided that I would go.  Nick had bought me a bottle of Alize and some weed to get me through the night.  We got over to Terrence's and played dominoes for a while and drank and got high as hell.

Terrance pulled out some cocaine and at first I watched them toot a couple of lines.  I had seen other people do it but I had never tried it myself.  I only smoked weed and nothing harder than that.  I thought what the hell it's not like I'm going to get addicted or anything; I tooted my first two lines.  I sat back in the chair and I felt like I had just gone to heaven.  Between the wee, cocaine and the alcohol I was feeling no pain.

Cindy called and said that she had to work a double and she would not be getting off until seven in the morning.

I was really starting to like the way that I was feeling.  For hours we kept tooting and smoking weed.  I was drunk but not that drunk.  I was higher than anything.  I was on a level that I had never been on before.

Here are your discussion questions.  Please feel free to post your comments or mark what you think about the discussion.  I want to know if you think this discussion is cool, interesting or funny.  Your views are very important to me.  Thank you for your participation and your constant support.

Are you still interested in reading? Why?
Have you ever used drugs or been tempted to use drugs? If so what and why?
Is there anything that you would do differently? If so what?

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