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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Who is Clarence?

Clarence, who is my biological father, is 6 ft 3 dark and very muscular.  He has a great personality and loves to party.  In the seventies he used to be a DJ and of course a ladies man.  He was dating my mother and my brother's mother Dolly at the same time.  They were pregnant at the same time which means that my oldest brother and I are six months apart.

I always felt like Clarence was the reason why Elenor hated me so much.  She will never admit to that not even to this day.  My father is very classy and loves to showboat.  I think if Clarence was not such a player and he married Elenor, she would have loved me more.  Instead she abused me every chance she got.

Here are your questions for this discussion.

Are you still interested and why?
Do you feel like Clarence is explained well in this discussion and why?
Is there anything that you would do different and why?

Thank you for your participation and your support.  Please make sure you leave your honest answers.  I know some of you don't want to leave your comments but if you would so kindly put a check in the boxes at the bottom of this post I would greatly appreciate it.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chapter 2 review

Ok fans, we finally made it through chapter 2.  I do apologize for the delay but we will be caught up in the next day or so.  Chapter 2 was steamy but I know not as steamy as chapter 1.  I would like to know what you thought about chapter 2.

Did this chapter keep you interested? Or did you stop reading after the first post?
Would you do anything different and do you have any suggestions on what I could have done better?

Please leave your honest comments about your overall view of this chapter. 

Thank you to everyone for your support and your participation.  It really means a lot to me and I know that this is just the beginning of more great books to come.

Going to Kansas......

Being in Kansas was not where I really wanted to be but I knew it was my safe haven.  No one knew who I was or what I was about and I liked it like that.  No one knew who I was or what I was about and I liked it like that.  I hung out a lot with my cousins because even though my mom lived there and I had family there, I was the black sheep of the family.

My family and I didn't quite get along.  We tried so many times to get along but it just couldn't happen.

The reason I left Kansas at such an early age is because I hated my mother.  To me she was like the evil step mother from mommy dearest.  We had our differences, but that's how it was when the woman you felt like should be a mother figure only cared about the men in er life.  She loved them more than she loved her own child.  My mother's name is Elenor, she is tall, light skinned, opinionated and can be a real bitch if you get on her bad side.  She's one of those women who can be all up in your business but you better not try to be all up in hers or she will try to put you in your place.  It was never hard for my mother to get a man but it was always hard for her to keep a man although she did everything they wanted her to do.

My mother is not a whore, but she is easily controlled by the men that come into her life.

I have three sisters and two brothers.  My brothers, sisters and I are very close.  We probably should be closer than we are but none the less we are close.  My sisters and I have the same mother but different fathers, and my brothers and I have the same father different mother.

Here are your questions for this discussion.

Do you still want to keep reading and why?
Do you think this chapter will be boring?
Is there anything that you would do different and why?

Thank you for your support and your comments.

Kenya's escape from Jermaine

Two weeks later I was lying in bed and talking to my girl Carmella and she advised me that everything was ready and we could set our master plan in motion.  I was really glad to know that this was almost over.  After I hung up talking to her I turned the lights out and went to sleep.  Three o'clock in the morning Jermaine decided to come in drunk as a skunk and decided he was just going to take him some of m sweetness. I could tell that he had already been with some chick because he smelled like cheap perfume.  I had enough so I reached under my pillow and pulled my 360 on him and told him, "if you touch me again I will blow your brains all over the fucking place."  He looked at me like he had seen a ghost and backed up.  "You're crazy and I'm leaving you the hell alone," he yelled.  Putting on his clothes and still looking at me he hurried up and left.  I called Carmella and told her it was time to go and what had just happened.  Forty five minutes later Carmella pulled up with her brother and two of the homies, and a truck.  We packed up the entire house.  I went to where all the money and dope was hidden and took everything.  I left nothing but his clothes and a fuck you letter.  I stayed at Carmella's that night.  The next morning we got up, got dressed and finished the business as planned.  I sold the Mercedes for $10,000 went to the bus station and got me a ticket.  While we were taking care of all the business we had Jerome, Carmella's brother, and his homies put all the furniture in storage.  I gave Carmella's sister Camilla all my clothes except for the clothes that I had on and one other outfit.  I had my toothbrush, comb, towel, deodorant, make-up, and three kilos of cocaine, four pounds of marijuana and $50,000 of his money.  Carmella and I went to grab something to eat and while we were eating we seem some of Jermaine's boys on the other side of the street, trying to holla at some chicken heads.  I was a littler nervous but I kept my cool and just prayed that they didn't see me and call Jermaine and tell him where I was at before I could get out of town.  We finished eating and went back to Carmella's house.  We smoked a fat joint and said our good-byes.

Coming home from Club Drakes

I went to the bedroom and started to undress. He started to accuse me of cheating on him.  "I don't feel like arguing about anything, especially not something stupid like me cheating on you."  He looked at me with rage and threw me on the bed.  We started to fight and we were on the floor tussling, he started to choke me and pulled my panties down.  I was fighting to get him off of me.  He stopped choking me long enough for me to catch my breath and them he said "bitch if you don't tell me who you were out fucking I will kill you, this will be your last breath."  I started to cry because I thought to myself this man could really kill me and no one would know.  I looked at him and told him that I could never cheat on him and he is all I want.  He threw me up on the bed and grabbed me by my throat whispered softly in my ear "spread those legs."  I was very hesitant and them he forced me to open my legs.  He put two fingers in my candy and started to stroke it saying "this candy is not tight like I left it.  So who's been in my candy?"  I pleaded with him that I had not been with anyone other than him.  He slapped me and said "stop lying to me, you are full of shit."  Never being hit by a man before, I was scared so I just thought I better do whatever he told me to do so I could make it out alive.  I started to scream "No one, No one, and No one."  He then pulled me by my hair and dragged me to the bed.  Throwing me on the bed he then preceded to take my sweet candy and when he was finished he had the audacity to say "I just wanted to see if you really were going to lie to me or stand under the pressure about giving my candy away and once agai you passed the test."  I thought to myself, ow ain't that some bull?  I cried myself to sleep but not before planning my escape from this crazy man.

Here are your questions for this discussion.

Are you still interested in reading on and why?
What do you think Kenya will do next?
Is there anything that you would do different and why?

Thank you for your participation and your support.

Monday, October 18, 2010

How life can change so quick

Six months later the group, he had signed, walked out on him and all he had left was the dope game.  He put all his concentration on the dope game and just gave up on his music, something that he was so passionate about.  The money that we were making from the dope game was more that what we were making when he had the group and was always in the studio.

I tried to get a job, but every time that I would Jermaine would get angry and try to find a way to get me fired.  He always said that I didn't need to work, but I felt like I always needed to have my own money just in case anything should ever happen.  Jermaine felt like me working was taking away from me taking care of him.  I came up with my own plan.  Since I couldn't work I would help Jermaine sell dope and take my money off the top and stash it somewhere he would never think to look.

Jermaine started to drink more and more each and every day, and everything irritated him.  When he drank he would get very mean and I would just say out of his way because I didn't want to argue.

Carmella called me crying one night and told me she just received a phone call saying that her dad had died.  I went over to her house to comfort her plus I didn't want to look at Jermaine's drunk ass.  When I got to Carmellas I noticed that she had been crying and drinking.  She ran out of the house and said that she wanted to go to club Drakes.

Here are you questions for this discussion.

Are you still interested in reading and why?
Do you feel like you are getting to know who Kenya is and why?
Would you do anything different about this discussion and why?

Thank you for all your participation.  Please make sure you leave your comments to each post.

The move in with Jermaine

Two days later I moved out of my aunt's house.  I was very excited to be moving in with Jermaine.  We realized we had so much in common and he was really trying to show me that it was not about the sex with us he was really trying to be serious.

After living together for two wonderful months, I decided that it was time to show Jermaine just what he had been waiting on for so very long, some of my sweet candy.

That day I called Carmella to see if she wanted to go shopping.  I went and picked her up in my new Mercedes.  When I pulled up in her driveway she was looking out the window.

Carmella lived in the suburb of San Bernardino.  She always said that no matter what it took she was going to get out of the hood.  The day we graduated she was moving into her new home that was nowhere close to the hood.

Carmella came outside to see who was pulling up in her driveway.  She was standing on the porch with er hands on her hips waiting to see who was going to get out of the car or if the car was just turning around.  I got out of the car in some fresh gear wih my hair freshly done with the new Jordan's looking oh so fly.  "Girl whose car did you steal?" Carmella said jokingly.  "It's mine, Jermaine just bought it for me and I thought that I would show him my appreciation.  Tonight will be the night."  "Oh sulky sulky now," she replied.  "Girl get your stuff and let's get out of here."  We got in the car and went to L.A. to go shopping.  L.A. had all the hottest stuff.

After a long day shopping, I went back to the house to take a bath and get ready for Jermaine to come home.  I started dinner first.  I wasn't sure what to make so I decided to make Lasagna with corn on the cob and some French garlic bread, cherry cheesecake for dessert and me on the side.

I went upstairs and turned on some Luther and took a long hot bath.  When I got out the tub I called Jermaine to see where he was at and how long he was going to be out.  "Hey babe, what are you doing?" "Right now me and my boys are in the studio and then I have some deliveries that I have to take care of.  I should be home by midnight."  I wasn't very happy but I understood.  Somebody has to make the money so I can go shopping and do whatever I want to do and live the life that I want to live.

Here are your questions for this discussion.

Are you still interested in reading and why?
Do you think that Kenya is a gold digger?
Would you do anything different and why?

Thank you for your participation.  Please make sure that you answer the questions and leave your comments.  Your opinions and concerns matter to me.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Getting to know Carmella

Carmella and I grew up together. Our aunties were best friends and liked to smoke crack together, when they were supposed to be watching us. We learned to depend on each other like sisters.

Carmella was tall and very lanky. She didn't have a lot of confidence in herself because she was not very pretty but she had a heart of gold and very smart. Carmella could make you laugh when all you want to do is cry, but we were best friends.

When I called Carmella the first thing she said was, "hey gold digger, so have you taken all of his money yet?" she let out this crazy laugh. "Hey girl this is not the time to be making jokes, I really need to talk to you about something serious." "What's the matter with you girl?" she replied. "I need some advice about Jermaine." "What about Jermaine?" "well you know that we have been seeing each other for almost a year now and even though I haven't given him any of this sweet loving, he keeps asking me to move in with him. What do you think I should do?" Carmella was always honest with you even if you didn't want the truth. Now out of all the times, I really wanted her honest opinion. I couldn't afford to be making any crucial mistakes in my life at this time. "Do you love him?" she asked. "Or is it all about the money?" I paused for a minute, thinking very carefully about the answer that I was going to give her. "I care about him but it's more about the money girl, you know that." She laughed and said "girl you so crazy." We laughed and she told me to get what was mine and that's what I was planning on doing.

The next day I called Jermaine and told him ghat I had made my decision. When I told him that I was going to move in he was excited. I told him that I didn't know who he had shared his bed with before he started messing with me and I wasn't comfortable with that. "Let's go shopping baby and see if you can find the bedroom set that you want in the house." We went shopping and I found a bedroom and living room set that I wanted. We purchased the items and set the delivery date and left the store. Later that evening Jermaine told me that he had something special planned for us and he had bought me something special to put on so to go make myself look beautiful. He kissed me with his soft lips and ran his strong hands down my back. I ran upstairs to make me a bath but to my surprise when I got up there my bath was already ran and it had all colors of rose petals in it. The bubbles were of jasmine scent and everything was laid out so neatly just for me. He had razors and all kinds of body washes just waiting for me. I got undress and got in the tub. I soaked there for a long time, listening to the soft mellow music, and all the time I just kept thinking......hell with treatment like this I could fall in love with him and maybe he could be the one. Then reality slapped me in the face and told me to quit tripping.

Here are your questions for this discussion.

Are you still interested in finding out what is going on and why?
Do this explain about Carmella and also tell you about Jermaine?
Would you change anything or do anything different and why?

Thank you for your participation and your support. Please keep your comments coming.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Getting to know Jermaine

While our friends danced and drank the night away, Jermaine and I got to know one another on a different level.  The club was starting to close and we were saying our goodbyes.  Jermaine grabbed me by the waist and invited me and my party to his beach house in L.A.  I was a little hesitant at first because I really didn't know him that well, but then he said that my friends and I could follow them to his beach house.  I was cool with that as long as my girls could go with me.

Being that we are four single ladies we decided to follow them to L.A.  We pulled up to the house about an hour later and when we got there we had thought that we had seen this house in a movie.  We all got excited because we just knew that this was the place to be.

Jermaine was very nice and well rounded, so I thought.  He fixed us a drink and showed us around his spot.  He put on some music and lit candles all through the house.  Jermaine turned the lights on at the pool and told us we could get in and if we wanted we could get naked or he had extra swimsuits that might be able to fit us that we could change into.

Being all wild and crazy,as we normally are, we decided to make a bet with the guys.  We told the guys, "If you get in naked we will get in naked."  The guys laughed like we had just told a joke or something.  After the laughter stopped they noticed that we were not laughing.  They took off all their clothes and jumped in the water.  One by one we all decided to get in the water especially with being a very hot day.

Once in the pool and cooled off, Jermaine comes and find me and tells me that we were not done with our conversation.  I laughed at him but I agreed with him as well.  We talked over a couple more glasses of Crystal.

Here are your questions for this discussion.

Are you still interested in reading?
Does this make you get a feel of the beginning of a great relationship or not and why?
If there is anything that you can do different what would it be and why?

Thank you for your participation and your support.  Please give your honest opinions.  I apologize for it being so late.

Monday, October 4, 2010

The beginning of Chapter 2 Meeting Jermaine

Jermaine was Jamaican.  The prettiest black skin you have ever seen with beautiful hazel green eyes.  When I found out he was Jamaican I told myself to run but I just couldn't stop my curiosity.

My Grandmother always told me that my curiosity would get the best of me, but I didn't want to believe her.

Jermaine was big time dope dealer.  Whatever you needed you called him, and he always had what you wanted, whenever you wanted it.

Me and my girls were out on the town having a girls night out when all of a sudden I get a tap on the shoulder.  I turned to see who it was and it was this fine ass dark skinned brother, built and dressed to the tee.  He smelled so good and had the perfect crooked smile.  I didn't want to boost his ego so I acted like he wasn't my type.  Jermaine was very persistent.  He asked me "would you like to dance?" "Sure," I responded.

Here are your daily questions?

Did the end of chapter 1 flow to good into chapter 2?
Are you still interested in reading?
Do you feel like Jermaine's character is described well and why?
Is there anything that you feel could be better and why?

Thank you to all that participate and make sure you always give your honest opinions.

The End of Chapter 1

Ok fans, I know that everyone felt short changed.  I want to make it up to you so I decided to give you two post today.  I am going to give you the ending of chapter 1 and the beginning of chapter 2.  This week we will do chapter 2 and see if you are still interested in continuing on to chapter 3.

This blog for me has been exciting and fun.  I appreciate everyone's participation and the comments that you post on a daily bases.  Please keep them coming.  You are making this an exciting journey for me.  I see us having a long lasting relationship for years to come.  Now that I have all the mushy stuff out of the way let's get into todays discussion.

I got to my room and sat on the bed.  I couldn't stop thinking about the conversation that Trish and I had.  In a way I was glad that we had the talk.  It was really making me think about what I wanted to do with my life.  I knew I had other options but I wasn't sure if I was really willing to let all the money that I was making go. 

As the days, months and years went by, I realized that I didn't want to be a madam all of my life.  I knew that this would be the perfect time to get out of the business.  I decided I was going to get out and date and see the world or at least try to find my true love. 

Six months after getting out of the business I met Jermaine.

Is this a great, good, or not so good ending and why?
Are you interested in reading the next chapter?
Would you change anything about the ending and why?
Overall including this segment what did you think about chapter 1 and why?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Reviews of Chapter 1

This week has been very interesting.  I am glad for all of the feedback that I received this week.  It was gratefully appreciated. We will start Chapter 2 Monday.

I would give you one more blog but I wouldn't want to give you the complete chapter.  Hopefully I still have your interest for you to join me for Chapter 2.  If you are interested in getting your copy you can find it online @ to purchase your copy.  If you are still not convince make sure you come join me next week, to see what Kenya is going to do or going to go through next.

Are there any questions that you have for me?  I don't want anyone to feel that this blog is all about me and Livin the fast life.  This blog is for the reader.  I want you to be able to ask me questions and know that you will always get an answer.  You will not get an answer from anyone other than myself.  You will always be able to talk to me personally.  If there are any suggestions that you have, I am willing to listen to those as well.  This is the beginning of a great friendship with all of my readers.  Thank you to everyone that supports me and believe in my dreams.  Thank you for allowing me to tell my story.

Here are your questions for the day.

In Chapter 1 was there anything that you would have done differently and why?
Did you enjoy this chapter and why?
Are you still interested in reading this book?
Did it have your attention from the beginning to the end?
Do you feel like it was realistic or not realistic enough and why?
Will you come back next week to see what will happen next?  If no why?

Thank you again to all that participated in chapter 1.  Make sure you come back next week to find out what happens next.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Kenya's sexual fantasy

As I lay in bed later on that night, after a very exhausting day, I couldn't stop thinking about what I had seen earlier.  That was my first time ever seeing a woman make love to another woman.  I couldn't sleep so I decided to get up and take a nice hot bath.  As I lay beneath the bubbles of the hot water I just couldn't stop thinking about what I had seen earlier that night.  I have always heard about it and always seen the punishments but I had never watched two women make love the way that they were making love.  I got out the tub an hour later and dried off.  I put on my lingerie and walked down the hall to the bedroom.  When I opened the door I could smell the perfume but I couldn't tell who was in my room.  I lit the candles and who do I see sprawled across my bed with nothing on? Trish.

Startled I asked Trish why was she in my room and in my bed with no clothes on? Trish said "I seen how you were looking earlier and it looks like you're curious. "I reponded "Not curious just doing my job."  "Are you sure?" Trish replied.  I couldn't give her a response because all I could see was her coke bottle silhouettel that looked oh so delightful and wondered if she wanted some of my apple pie.  Trish walked over to the bar and fixed us a drink.  As she poured our drinks I put on some lotion and my best perfume.  Why I was putting on my best perfume, I do not know.  We finished our drinks and I started to feel horny as my nectar start to get wet.  Trish whispered in my ear just lay back and relax let me do all the work.  I knew that this wasn't right but my curiousity was getting the best of me.  As I lied on the bed Trish gently spread my legs and at that moment I realized how Elaine felt.

Trish sucked on my nipples that had gotten so hard, I felt like they were going to pop off at any moment.  She slowly kissed me softly down to my navel and as she gently kissed me she spread my legs and inserted her fingers in my sweet nectar. I could only let out a sigh.  It felt good but I was nervous.  She looked up at me and says "Enjoy the ride."  I leaned back and spread my legs wide as she wanted them and she licked my sweet nectar.  She told me to open my candy for her.  I took my hands and spread my candy wide for her just like she asked and then she said "you are the madam tell you hoe how you want it."  I took her head and smothered it in my candy and I told her that she was not allowed to stop until her face was covered with my juices.  She looked up at me with a smile and said "yes mama, I will do anything you tell me to."  At that point I was ready to explode but I could not let her know that I wanted it just as much as she did.  She ate my sweet candy until I exploded all over her face.  Then she took her tongue and stuck it so far in my candy that when she pulled it out she had all of my juices on her tongue.  I knew that Trish like to be commanded and told what to do so I did my job. I commanded her to get on her hands and knees and put her butt in the air.  She did as she was told.  I stuck my finger in her candy and it was so wet.  I put my finger in her butt and it was wet as well so I knew she was then ready for me.  I got beneath her and told her to spread her candy; she did as she was told.  I stuck my tongue in her candy very nervously and she made a loud yelp.  I licked her candy, spanked her ass and told her she was my hoe.  She is to do what I tell her and no back talk and would protect her from Uncle Tommy and Cletis Ray as she squirted her juices across the room she agreed to do whatever I told her and we had wild sex for the next three hours.  I had never had a man lick my candy as good as Trish.  That's when I realized that I liked the feeling of woman as well as men.

Here are your questions for this discussion. Give your honest answers.

Was the sex scene steamy?
Do you feel like it is steamy enough or not and why?
Did you feel like it is realistic?
Are you still interested in reading?
Do you feel like it is too early to have a sex scene in the book and why?
Would you change anything and why?

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions.  Your feedback is greatly appreciated.