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Monday, January 31, 2011

Getting to know Destiny

I wasn't happy about being in Kansas but I was determined to make the best of it.  Destiny was madder than I was because she had to leave Oklahoma as well and she did not want to leave Damian.

Destiny and I shared a room and we were trying to get ourselves together.  Destiny and Damian talked on the phone a lot and were making plans to live together.

Everyday Destiny would wake up throwing up and she would sleep a lot.  I asked Destiny if she was pregnant and for a long time she said she wasn't but then the cravings kicked in and I knew then she was pregnant but she wasn't showing.  Elenor noticed something was wrong with Destiny and scheduled a doctor's appointment for her.

Destiny and I went to the doctor's and the doctor told her that she was four months pregnant.  Destiny cried all the way home.  We talked about it and she wasn't sure what she was going to do but she told me that she was going to make a move soon.  Two weeks later Destiny left and went back to Oklahoma to be with Damian.

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Are you still interested in reading? Why?
Do you feel like you know who Destiny is?
Is there anything that you would change or do different? If so what?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Review of Chapter 3 & 4

Ok we have completed chapter 3 & 4 and I want to know how you felt about these two chapters.  This is your time to be heard and let others know what you thought and what your views are for these two chapters before we move forward with the book.  I want to thank all of my fans for making this possible and for giving me great feedback on how I can better myself as a writer and then kind of stories that you want to see from me.  I will remain to keep it real and give you great stories.  I strive to be the best writer that I can be.  Thank you all for your participation and your constant support because without you I couldn't make any of this possible.  Please feel free to leave your comments and your views.  It is greatly appreciated.  This is going to be the last discussion of the month before I announce the winner for this months contest for Livin the fast life.  This is your last chance to give your participation and to win your autographed copy of Livin the fast life.  I will be announcing the winner on Mon. Jan 31.  Be looking forward to see who the winner is for this month. again thank you for your participation.  Here are your discussion questions for this post.

Are you still interested in continuing on reading? Why?
Did both chapters keep your attention? How? If not why?
Will you tell someone else about this book?
Are you going to buy the book yourself?
Were the characters described well in both chapters? If not what could've been done better?
Leave any other comments that you like that do not pertain to any of the questions that have been asked.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Someone else in my bed?

When we got to our destination he blind folded me and guided me to the end of the seat to get out of the truck.  I felt the snatch of my panties being ripped off and his face in my nectar he was licking it so good I didn't hesitate to stop him.  He put me over his shoulder and I heard the door open up.  I could smell the weed and thought where the hell have he taken me?  Dwight placed me gently on this soft ass bed and then I felt him take my feet and someone was taking my arms and they were handcuffing me to the bed I thought that I was about to be beat, raped and abused.  Dwight whispered in my ear, "just relax baby I won't hurt you, I will take good care of you."  "Please just let me go, please don't hurt me," I cried.  My legs started to spread and I felt something soft enter my vagina.  I just relaxed and prayed that whatever was going on that it wouldn't hurt me.  I kept hearing him say just relax but I wasn't sure how many people were in the room with us.  I felt someone between my legs sucking on my pearl and I could tell that it wasn't him because they were doing it way too well.  I couldn't stop myself from cumming tremendously because I was tied up and helpless.  Whoever was getting my good juices kept putting their tongue deeper in every time that I would start to goosh and I couldn't stop.  I felt the penetration inside of me and I knew that was Dwight because I had felt that before.  I was trying to listen to everything that was going on so that I could try to cipher what was happening to me and what was going on around me.  he stroked me harder and harder and then he got out and I felt the tongue that I had felt earlier.  I heard the person screech but I couldn't tell if it was male or female the only thing that I was hoping for is that when he took the blind fold off of me it would be another female because I did not want to know that the secret he was holding was he was bi-sexual.  I felt the penetration again and again and then I heard Dwight say slowly suck my dick.  Whoever was in the room with us started licking my vagina and his dick while he was inside of me.  I ended up passing out because what was going on was so unbelievable.  When I came to he had taken the blind fold off of me and when I opened my eyes he was standing over me.  "Babe are you okay? You passed out and I was just checking to make sure that you were okay."  He gave me a drink of water and I seen someone walk to the bathroom.  "Who was that?" "You will find out in a minute," Dwight said.  When the person came out of the bathroom they came in the bedroom.  It was a light skinned chick that was very thin and she had short hair.  She was very pretty like a model.  "Hi, I'm Valencia," and she shook my hand.  Still confused and dazed about what had just happened I asked, "Dwight can I talk to you for a minute in private?" "We don't have to talk in private she is just as much a part of us and you can say whatever you want," he said.  "What is going on and why is she here with us standing naked?"  "She's my wife and although we are separated we still have sex from time to time and she wanted to make love to a woman and who better to do it with other than you?  I was flattered but angry at the same time.  "Why didn't you just ask me instead of doing it this way?"  "Was it good to you?"  "Yes is was but that is beside the point."  Valencia sat in front of me and asked, "do you mind if I taste some more of those sweet juices?"  I leaned back and opened my legs and invited her in.  We had a threesome most of the night.

When we were done Dwight took me home gave me a thousand dollars for the evening and we said our goodbyes.

The next day I was headed back to Kansas.

Here are you discussion questions.  Please feel free to post your comments or check the boxes to let me know how you feel about this post.  Thank you for your participation and your constant support.

Are you still interested in reading on? Why?
Do you think that this is rape or just a good time? Why?
Is there anything that you would change or do differently? If so what?

Ain't nothin but a gangsta party

When we got to the party we knew that we were not going to stay very long because it looked like some gangsta shit and we were not going to be caught in some bull but we went in anyways.  I found Destiny and Keyana and ordered a round of drinks.  We walked over to the table that Mikel had found for us, that was close to the door.  Destiny and Keyana sat down and we talked for a while.  Keyana drunk as hell already was questioning Mikel and Dwight like they were on trial and she was the lawyer trying to prosecute them.  Dwight and Mikel didn't mind they just answered the questions.  A fight broke out and we headed for the exit before the shooting started.  As we were getting in the car some nigga's started shooting and people were running and ducking everywhere.  We were almost down the street and got blocked in by the police before we could make it out.  We were so close to where the shooting was that I couldn't believe what I saw next.  They were fighting outside and then some crip nigga walked up on some blood nigga and just blasted on him point blank in the head and took off running.  The police that was questioning us heard the gun shot and he let us go to assist the other officers that were trying to handle the situation.  We were shook up from what he had just witnessed that we went back to Dwight's to chill for a minute before going back out.

Keyana and Destiny called to make sure that we got out okay and we talked for a while.  We decided that we were going to meet at the Jazz club where we know that the crowd is mature and classy.

We calmed down from the dilemma and got ready to go in the club.  Mikel knew the owner so we waited on Destiny and Keyana to call us so that we could go in together.  While we sat in the VIP parking lot and waited on them we smoked a join and laughed and talked some shit while we waited.  We were really starting to be the perfect foursome.  Keyana called and said they were just pulling up and they would meet us at the door.  When we got to the door we all got in free because the owner Reggie was Mikel's cousin.  It was a very classy place and you had to be twenty five and older to get in.  Bellia and I were glad that we had our fake ID's that way we could get into any club that we wanted and no one would question it.  We had a table in the VIP lounge with the best of everything we all got drunk and full and partied the night away.  When the club closed we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.

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Are you still interested in reading on? Why?
Have you ever been in a similar situation?  If so feel free to tell your story.
Is there anything that you would change or do differently?  If so what?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

He's getting on my last nerve

The next day Dwight and his friend Cornelius came by to get us but this time Dwight was driving a Mercedes.  I asked him whose car he was driving.  "This is my car, I have five cars that I like to drive every now and then."  I was really impressed by that.  That told me one thing that he had some money and he wasn't afraid to let me know that.  "Where do you want to eat?"  I wasn't really hungry for anything in particular but I knew that I wanted something different so I chose Chinese food.  We went to this Chinese buffet and ate real well.  Cornelius was whispering in Bellia's ear and whatever he was saying she didn't like very well because she kept kicking me under the table.  I just started laughing because the expression on her face was letting me know that she was about to go off.  Dwight looked up and seen the same thing that I saw and he was so smooth with it.  "Hey man, are we still going to that party tonight or are we going to the gambling shack?"  Cornelius looked up and said, "man whatever, I'm game to do whatever."  Cornelius wanted some crab legs from the bar.  "Hey babe do you want anything from the bar?"  "I'm good," Bellia stated hastily and irritated.  "How about anybody else?"  "No thanks man the pretty lady and I are cool." "Alright then," Cornelius walked to the bar.  While Cornelius was at the bar getting his food Bellia was at the table going off.  "I'm ready to go the fuck off.  If he touch me one more time I just might slap his ass.  Dwight you better talk to you boy before he gets fucked up in here."  Bellia was five foot three and feisty as hell but she was not playing and that's what made it even funnier.  Dwight seen the sincerity in her face and he got up from the table and walked over to the bar where his boy was.  Bellia and I laughed at the situation and she was telling me everything that he was whispering in her ear.  "What the hell would make him think that someone as fine as me would let someone as ugly as him get a taste of my sweetness?"  I laughed so hard that I literally could not stop laughing. "He must be on some heavy ass drugs especially to even fix his mouth to say some shit like that.  Why do all the ugly guys want to hit on me?  That's just nasty.  I'm not playing if he comes back to this table and say anything crazy I'm going to hit him.  I'm going to lay him out on this floor and then walk over him and get the hell  out of here."  We continued to laugh while the guys came back over to the table.  I don't know what Dwight said to his boy but he would not look at Bellia, he wouldn't even talk to her and she was cool with that.  Dwight didn't feel comfortable that Bellia didn't have anyone to kick it with so he offered to either call one of his other boys or to take us home and we would hook up later.  I asked Bellia what she wanted to do and Bellia said, "after fucking with this ugly muthafucka all day I want to smoke a joint to relieve some stress."  "I got some weed at the house if you don't mind going to my house," Dwight said.  "Let's go and don't stop until we get there," Bellia said like she had just heard the best thing ever.

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Are you still interested in reading on? Why?
Do you know someone that made you feel like Bellia felt? If so who and why?
Is there anything that you would do differently? If so what?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Elenor gets married again....Part 7

The day of his release date was the day that they were planning on getting married but there was a mix up in the paperwork and he wouldn't be released for another week.  They did not want to wait so they were allowed to go ahead and get married one the day that they had originally planned.  They were married while he was still a prisoner but the day that he got out they celebrated like they were rock stars.  Reece couldn't leave Oklahoma for two years so they found a place in Oklahoma.

Elenor was not going to quit her job at one of the biggest aircraft companies in Kansas, so she visited Reece every weekend.  When I was not with my big sister Adrian I was with then in Oklahoma.  We started being in Oklahoma so much that I was getting to know my way around in Oklahoma.  I hung out with my cousin Keyana a lot and she started introducing me to everybody and I started meeting friends on my own.  I was having so much fun that one day I just decided that I was not going back to Kansas.  Reece was okay with me staying but Elenor thought that she should be there to supervise me.  Reece convinced her to leave me there when I was kicking it with Keyana.

The next day when I came back to the house she told me that I was going to stay in Oklahoma, but if I wanted to come back to Kansas she would come and get me.

Here are your discussion questions.  Thank you for your participation and your constant support.  Please feel free to leave your comments and your stories.

Are you still interested in reading?
Have you ever felt like your mother brought someone home that you didn't like? If yes, what did you do about it and how did you feel about it?
Is there anything that you would have changed? Why?

What you will do for a Rum Cake......Part 6

Shortly after that Reece had gotten himself in some trouble when he went home to visit and had been sentenced to five years in prison.  For the next five years we traveled from one side of Oklahoma to the other going to see Reece.  Elenor loved that man and no bars or space would keep her from him.  Reece called and said that he wanted a Rum cake because he had been craving it so my mother called Sheila, who makes the best Rum cake in America, to have her make him a Rum cake.  Sheila loved to make her famous Rum cake and since she knew the situation she decided she was going to put extra rum in it.  Elenor went to pick up the cake before she went to see Reece.  When she got there Elenor had a clear cake container to put the cake in.  Elenor laughed when she saw the cake.  "What are you laughing about girl?  What's wrong with the cake?"  "Nothing although it's strong as hell, I could smell the cake before I even got to the cake.  Good thing I brought this clear cake pan."  The laughed and prepared the cake to go.  Elenor got in the car and said to me, "I surely hope they don't pull off the lid."  We laughed and joked about it for a long time.  We drove to the prison and I kept her company all the way.  When we got there I got my sisters out of the car and helped Elenor get the food that we had prepared for the day.  I carried the basket with the food in it and Elenor carried the cake.  Nervously we walked in the prison.  Having to go through the check point we were starting to shake a little bit but we kept it calm.  Even though Elenor wants to be hood she is scary.  It was our turn to go through the check point; we laid the food on the counter to be searched.  The guard talked to us and told us what we could and couldn't take inside the prison.  We were allowed to take all the silverware in except for the plastic butter knife for the cake.  He got to the cake and examined it and said "glad that you have a clear lid on it that makes it easier for us to examine it without having to open it up."  When he said that, we looked at each other and did a hidden chuckle.  he let us go through and told us what table to go to and the prisoner will be there shortly.  Reece had already seen us coming in because he was sitting in the yard waiting just so he could see us when we got there.  When he came to the table the first thing he asked was, "did you have any problems getting my cake through?"  We started laughing and told him what happened he though that was the funniest thing.  We laughed, joked and ate well.  Even though it was a horrible place to be, we still made the best out of it.

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Are you still interested in reading? Why?
Have you ever done anything crazy for someone in jail? If so please explain.
Would you change anything or do anything differently?
Is the character explained well in this blog? 

Bringin home Reece......Part 5

A month later Elenor came to pick us up from my grandparent's house and he was with her.  She brought him in for all of us to meet him.  The first time I saw him I thought he looked like a gremlin.  He was dark skinned, six feet tall, pointy ears and face sunk in like a gremlin but he made her happy.  His name was Reece.

For months Reece would come to see her or she would go to Oklahoma to see him but then she decided to move further south and he moved in with us.  Reece liked to drink, smoke weed and listen to his old school records.  He was a night owl so we changed our life style to accommodate his.  Reece took good care of us.  Being from a big family and having to help raise his brothers and sisters he knew how to do a lot of things.  Elenor didn't like to do much cooking plus she was really never home long enough to prepare us a hot meal, but Reece came in and made sure that we could eat good and have nice things like all the other kids.  Every Sunday after cooking us a big Sunday dinner he would take us to the ice cream parlor for ice cream.  We would play football and laugh at the other patrons in the store.  We would have so much fun.  We really liked Reece but then when he would drink he would turn into his evil twin Lester, and we would be so scared.  Elenor always said it was that Gemini coming out.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Everyone has to have a ride or die friend.....part 4

Saturday evening Elenor was with her friend Faleene.  Faleene had three kids but all her kids were older.  They use to babysit us when my mother didn't want us to be at home by ourselves.  Faleene was her crazy blond friend.  She was black but she had blond hair and loved to party.  Faleene's brother had a band name Confusion.  Where ever the band was they were right there no matter how far or close they were.  They were a good band and if you ever needed a band for a wedding or a party they were the band to have. 

Falene and Elenor were running buddies for sure they went to every hot party, every club and every concert.  They did everything together they even chased men together; they spied on their husbands and boyfriends together.  When you seen one you seen the other.  My mother always blamed Faleene for getting her in trouble.  They would laugh and joke and I would always hear my mother say "if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have gotten in this mess."  Midnight on a Wednesday night my mother and Faleene were talking on the phone and she had gotten wind that Elenor's male friend Terry was cheating and he had just been spotted going in the woman's house that lived two houses down from Faleene's sister.  Faleene could always talk Elenor into doing anything.  At first Elenor wasn't sure if she should go, but then she said "yeah girl come get me and let's ride and catch a nigga in the act."  They laughed and talked some more and then hung up the phone.  Fifteen minutes later Faleene was at Elenor's picking her up so they could ride out.  Elenor didn't want to leave us at home so she decided to wake us up so that we could go with them.  My sisters were sleep and I couldn't go back to sleep because I was so angry at her, that she would wake us up in the middle of the night to go see what some nigga was doing.  They sat down the street for hours and watched the house he was seen going in, with binoculars that Faleene always kept in her glove compartment.  No matter what they were doing or where they were at they were always ready for whatever.  About three or four o'clock in the morning they seen Terry come out the house and kiss the lady he was with that night.  Faleene was taking pictures and Elenor decided to walk up on him to let him know he was busted.  While she was walking down the street to where Terry had parked his car a thought crossed her mind.  Elenor seen the brick lying on the curb, she picked it up and when she reached the car she threw the brick through his windshield.  When she saw the window break she turned away and started walking back to the car.  Terry heard the loud bang and went to the street to see what the loud bang that he had just heard was.  At first he thought that someone had just had a car accident and then he thought well maybe someone was drunk and ran into the stop sign again.  In the hood that kind of stuff happened all the time along with all the gun shots.  Terry looked down the street and seen that he had a brick in his windshield.  He started running down the street to his car and by the time he got to his car Elenor was getting in the car.  They drove passed him waved and laughed.  Elenor had her window down and while they were driving by she laughed and said "ask the bitch you were just with to get your window fixed."  Elenor and Faleene laughed so hard at the look on his face when he realized he was busted.  They drove off laughing like they had just done their job.  They laughed and talked about what had just gone down all the way home.

Here is part 4 discussion questions.  Thank you for your participation and support.  Please leave your comments it is greatly appreciated.

Do you have that friend that is down with whatever? Please feel free to leave your story.
Do you think a mother should chase after a man when she has kids? Why?
Are you still interested in reading?
Is there anything that you would do differently? Explain your answer.

Elenor got her groove back Part 3

We moved to the South side of town and got out of the hood.  Even though Elenor grew up in the heart of the hood she was always boogie so she moved us away from all the problems of the hood, thinking that would protect us.  I was old enough to watch over my sisters so Elenor went out and partied a lot.  She felt like she was married for so long and her parents sheltered her, she never just really had the chance to party.  She decided that she would take this time to get it all out of her system.  Who would have known that it would turn out to be a Thursday-Tuesday thang?

On Thursday and Friday she would be at Mr. B's. Saturday she was at the Legion.  Sunday she was wherever the band was playing and on Monday she was wherever they were having blue Monday.  Every now a d then her and her girlfriend would change up or take a night off to do some spying.  Now on Saturday during the day she would go to bingo with her friend Sheila.

Here are your discussion questions for part 3.  Thank you for your participation and support.  Hope you have been enjoying the blogs that have been posted.

Are you still interested in reading? Why?
Do you feel like you are getting to know who Elenor is?
After you got a divorce would you start to party and let your hair down or would you do something different?  If something different what would you do?

When the abuse starts part 2

Terrell is dark and six foot tall.  Back in the day he was the man.  He worked inside the jail with all the prisoners.  Even though people knew that he worked for the Sheriff Department he was well respected by everyone even the prisoners.  He was well known in the town.

Terrell was much in love with Elenor and then one day he just decided that she wasn't enough for him so he started drinking more and messing with all kinds of women.  he started cheating and staying out all night.  One night he came home drunk and decided to beat Elenor while my sisters and I were sleep.

About four o'clock in the morning he came home drunk and woke Elenor up accusing her of cheating.  She had just got home about an hour before he did, after a night on the town with her girlfriends.  I really don't know why he was so angry.  I ran to the door because all the screaming woke me up and I could hear Elenor saying "lower your voice before you wake up the kids."  "Fuck you bitch, you better tell me who that nigga was I seen you dancing with at the club."  "I really don't know who that was, he asked me to dance and I said yes.  I don't know why you're so angry when you've been seen riding that bitch around town in our car," she yelled.  he didn't like her answer and he slapped her.  Elenor fell to the floor and yelled, "you black bastard who do you think you're hitting on?"  he slapped her again and again.  I guess that was not enough for him because he fell on top of her and started punching her and yelling at her, "you do what I tell you to do and you don't give me any lip." "Ok," she said crying softly.

The next morning she woke up and cleaned up the house, fixed us breakfast, got dressed and fixed her makeup to hide the bruises.  She woke us up to have breakfast and to get ready for the day.

Here is your discussion question for part 2.  Thank you for your participation and your support.

Have you ever been abused by someone that you loved? Did you stay or did you go?
Would you stay with someone that would beat on you? Why?
Are you still interested in reading?
Is the characters explained well?

Who is Elenor the beginning of chapter 3

Being in Kansas was not where I really wanted to be buy I knew it was my safe haven.  No one knew who I was or what I was about and I liked it like that.  I hung out a lot with my cousins because even though my mom lived there and I had family there, I was the black sheep of the family.

My family and I didn't quite get along.  We tried so many times to get along but it just couldn't happen.

The reason I left Kansas at such an early age, is because I hated my mother.  To me she was like the evil stepmother from mommy dearest.  We had our differences, but that's how it was when the woman you felt like should be a mother figure only cared about the men in her life.  She loved them more than she loved her own child.

My mother's name is Elenor, she is tall, light skinned, opinionated and can be a real bitch if you get on her bad side.  She's one of those women who can be all up in your business but you better not try to be all up in hers or she will try to put you in your place.  It was never hard for my mother to get a man but it was always hard for her to keep a man even though she did everything they wanted her to do.

My mother is not a whore, but she is easily controlled by the men that come into her life.

I have three sisters and twos brothers.  My brothers, sisters and I are very close.  We probably should be closer than we are but none the less we are close.  My sisters and I have the same mother but different fathers, and my brothers and I have the same father different mother.

Here are your discussion questions for part 1 of this blog.  Thank you for your participation and your constant support.

Do you feel like this is a harsh beginning? Why?
Does this describe who Elenor is? Why?
Are you still interested in reading on?
What type of relationship do you have with your mom?

Always some confrontation

While Destiny was out with Damian I was catching pure hell at the house.  It was Christmas break and Elenor got two sometimes three weeks off and she was down there the whole time she was off.  I understood since that was her husband and all but she was always on some bull.  Elenor and I had got into an altercation and she started talking mess about what I was doing and how I'm never at home and how I don't do anything around the house, just some real petty stuff.  Just to keep the drama down I decided to just walk away and go get on the phone.  I was talking to Keyana and Bellia and telling them what had just happened between Elenor and me.  We started laughing about it and Bellia said, "Girl you mama is crazy as hell." Keyana said, "I don't understand why she always be trippin on you.  She acts like your are her slave or something."  We started to laugh and I told them that she was just being a bitch not knowing that she was listening in on our conversation.  Elenor came busting in the door and snatched the phone out the wall and said angrily, "I will show you being a bitch."  I just looked at her like she had just lost her mind so I decided that I was just going to leave.  I left the house and walked down the street to the pay phone.  I called Bellia and told her to come and get me.  While I was waiting on her I was standing outside the corner store and I met this guy named Dwight.  Dwight wasn't all that cute but he was nice as hell.  I talked to him in his Suburban while I waited for Bellia.  Fifteen minutes later Bellia pulled up so Dwight and I exchanged numbers and I jumped out of the truck.  Bellia and I went to her house.

Here is part two of your daily blog.  Here is your discussion questions for this part.  Thank you for your participation.

Have your mother ever listened in on a conversation that you have had?  If so please share your story.
Did you enjoy this blog? Why?
Is there anything that you would do differently?
Do you feel like you are starting to get to know who Kenya is?

Living on the circle

Living on the circle, you saw everybody especially on the weekends.  The circle is where everyone would ride and show off their whip.  Everyone that would ride through would see us sitting on the porch would honk and wave or they would just stop.

The house wasn't all that great but at least we had some place to lay our heads.  The squirrels were getting in the wall and running around especially in the closets.  You would never see them but you could always hear them running around.

Elenor had come down to visit and Reece told me that he wanted me at home so that she wouldn't know that I'm hardly ever at home.  I really didn't want to stay at home but I knew that I didn't want to listen to Elenor complain.  Reece's sister Rolanda wanted him to watch her son Jamal while she went to the casino and he told her that he would.  I was not happy about it but there was not a lot that I could do about it so I just went with the flow.

Jamal always stayed in trouble and nobody in the family wanted to watch him because he was so bad.  Reece was the only on that he did not get out of line with.  Jamal and I never got alone because he always thought that I was taking all of his uncle's time.  He was his mama's baby and wanted everyone else around him to baby him.  Jamal had an older sister but she was much older, she was married and had three children of her own.  Her children were almost the same age as her little brother.

Jamal ended up staying the entire weekend.  He was dropped off on a Thursday but not picked up until Monday.  On Sunday I had had enough of Jamal.  I wanted this little boy out of my house and I was willing to do whatever it took to get him out.  I had been there so long by myself that I did not want to share my space with him.

Reece got up that morning and fixed breakfast.  We ate and after we cleaned up the kitchen we decided to watch a movie.  Normally we would've been outside but on this particular day we decided to watch a movie.  Jamal was getting on my nerves and so I punched him, he went and told Reece that I him him for no reason.  Instead of Reece just coming to talk to me they cooked up a plan to get even.  Forgetting that I had punched Jamal earlier that day; while Reece was cooking dinner, he came in the living room and asked if anybody needed anything.  "I need some kool-aid," I said.  "No problem I will do that for you," Reece said.  "No that's okay i will get it myself," I replied.  "Are you sure?" "Yes, I am." I go in the kitchen and start to fix me something to drink and then suddenly I had to go to the bathroom.  I go to the bathroom and come out and finish fixing my drink and getting me something to snack on from having the munchies.  I go to sit down and I'm just drinking my kool-aid watching the movie getting my chill on and as I am getting to the bottom of my glass I am looking and I know there is only suppose to be ice in my glass and what do I see? A pair of dentures was in my glass.  I screamed so loud and when they heard the scream they knew what happened.  Elenor was in the bedroom lying down and she jumped out of bed to see what was wrong.  "Reeeecccceee," I yelled he came running out of the kitchen.  "You thought it would be funny to put your teeth in my cup?" Everyone in the house started laughing like it was a joke or something and Reece ran out the door.  I ran out the door right behind him and chased him down the street.  Everybody just thought that was so funny that he would put his dentures in my glass.  Before I realized it I had chased him for about a block down the busiest street on the north side.

Here are your discussion questions for the day.  Thank you for your participation and your constant support.

Have you ever had something crazy happen to you? If so and you want to share please feel free.
Do you like the blog of the day?
Would you do anything differently? If yes, what?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Meeting Jose

We met Jose, his cousin Devin and his homeboy John by the door of the bookstore and then went in the mall.  John wasn't much to look at but he really liked Destiny.  Devin couldn't keep his eyes off of me but he kept his composure and acted cordial to Keyana.

Making sure that I had whatever I wanted Jose turned and looked at me and said "I would give you the world if I could, I just don't understand why you don't want to be my woman."  I couldn't look at him for a minute.  "Why should I be your woman?"  I turned and said.  "You're all that I want and all that I need and I just want someone like you in my corner."  "You don't know me well enough to say you want someone like me, what if I'm not really the one for you?"  "Well let me be the one to determine if you're the one for me."  I started to laugh and turned and looked at him and said "okay".  We continued on with our day as if we had not just had that conversation. That night we went to the concert and enjoyed ourselves.  It was a concert to never be forgotten.

I wanted to be with Jose but I just couldn't be with him because I was not ready to totally give up the life I was living.  Why should I have one man doing for me when I can have five?  Jose was fine as hell.  He was tall, light skinned, tight body and hung like a horse.  He went to OSU and had money.  Everybody thought because his name was Jose he was Mexican but he wasn't he was black.  Jose played on the basketball team for OSU, one of their star players.  Whenever there was a game he would make sure that me and my cousins name was at the door so we could get in free.  We went to all the games.

The more time that Jose and I started spending together, I found out that we had a lot in common, more than any of the other guys I was hanging out with.  Jose had these dimples that you just had to love and when he smiled he could make the whole world smile.  He was smart and very popular and all the girls wanted a piece of Jose but all he wanted was me and I was pleased to know that.  We would talk until wee hours of the morning whether it was in person or on the phone; we enjoyed each other's company.  Jose always told me how special I was but he never knew that I had a special gift.  A special gift that no one ever knew I had and I was scared to tell people of them because I didn't want people to think that I was crazy.

Jose and I were getting much closer as time passed.  I was starting to fall in love with him the same way he had fell in love with me months earlier.

Here are your discussion questions for the day.  Please leave your comments.

Are you still interested in reading on? Why?
Is there anything that you would've done differently and why?
Have you ever felt like you were interested in someone but not in love with them?  What did you do?
Do you think that Jose was described well in this blog?  Why
Do you  feel like you are part of the story? Why

Thank you for your participation and your constant support.  Come back tomorrow for more of chapter 4.  Hope you enjoyed your blog of the day.  I will be looking forward to reading all of the comments.  Also don't forget about the contest that is going on.  If you want your free copy all you have to do is participate.

Goin to Oklahoma

I was glad to be in Oklahoma.  I was having the time of my life so I thought.

Kicking it with my friends and cousins everyday was a routine thing.  If I wasn't with my cousin Keyana, I was with my friend Bellia.

People would always get me and my cousin name's mixed up every time because they were so close together.  They called her Ke Ke and me Ken or just a simple hey you and point at which one of us they were talking about.  We got a kick out of it because we just thought that it was so odd that we were not blood but our names were so close together.  Keyana's dad was Reece's cousin.  Even though they were cousins they didn't hang out a whole lot but Keyana and I clicked the first time we were indroduced at the wedding.

Keyana was the only child so she was spoiled as hell.  She got all the new gear and then whatever she would replace she would give to me until she found out that I had the gift to gab and could talk a blind man out of his cane and his dog.  Every Saturday we would go the the mall just to see who was there.  We would never go to the same mall every weekend because they had four malls that you could go to.  Every Saturday we would pick which mall we were going to hang out in and see how many numbers we could get.  We never had a lot of money when we went to the mall but we always walked out with a bunch of bags.  Our parents could never figure out how we could buy so much stuff but they never asked.

February the cold is still in the air, especially for that part of the country, we are headed to the mall to figure out what we are going to wear to the big concert.  We know everyone's going to be at this concert because this was one of the biggest concerts of the year.  The concert is featuring H-Five, Hi-Town Boys, Young Jodeci and The Mint Condition Band.  The concert is Valentine's Day weekend so not only do we have to find an outfit for the concert but we have to make sure that we were cute for the entire weekend.  There were six of us going to the concert together so we thought it would be a good idea to go the mall together or at least meet at the mall.  Me, Keyana and our other cousin Destiny rode to the mall together. Before we had left for the mall I called a couple of my male friends and told them that I was going to the mall with my cousins and to see if they wanted to meet me there.

I told Rob that I would be at the mall at  one o'clock and I told Jose that I would meet him at the mall at six o'clock, that way I would have enough time to do what I needed to do with both of them.

It's time for your discussion questions.  Please leave your views they are greatly appreciated.

Did you enjoy reading this blog?
Is there anything that you would have done differently and why?
Are you still interested in reading?
What are your thoughts about this blog?

Thank you to all that participate and don't forget about the contest that I am running right now.  Whoever participates the most each month will will a free autographed book from me.  I will announce the winner at the end of each month.  Thank you for your constant support and I hope you enjoy this blog.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Livin the fast life: What to expect for the following week

Livin the fast life: What to expect for the following week: "Hello members and thank you for visiting. I first want to say that we had a great week and I notice that a lot of people came to check..."

What to expect for the following week

Hello members and thank you for visiting.  I first want to say that we had a great week and I notice that a lot of people came to check out the blog this week.  Although you may not have posted a comment, I want to just thank you for coming and seeing what Livin the fast life is all about.

I know its the weekend and some are going out to party and then some of us are going to just be sitting at home, trying to find something to do.  Hopefully my blog will give you a little something to do.  I would like for everyone that don't know what Livin the fast life is all about to take this time to get caught up on the first three chapters.  I will re post them on Google buzz, facebook, and twitter.  Or you can look at the link on the side and read the first three chapters.  Please feel free to leave your comments.

Next week we will be starting chapter 4 and your participation is greatly appreciated.  I know that you will enjoy Livin the fast life.  Make sure you tell all of your friends, family, coworkers and anyone else that you may know to come join the site, for the people, where dreams do come true.

I want everyone to have a safe and blessed weekend and we will talk soon.

What are dreams and why is it important for people to have them?

What is the true definition of dream?

a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep.
the sleeping state in which this occurs.
an object seen in a dream.
an involuntary vision occurring to a person when awake.
a vision voluntarily indulged in while awake; daydream; reverie.
an aspiration; goal; aim: A trip to Europe is his dream.
a wild or vain fancy.
something of an unreal beauty, charm, or excellence.
This is the definition of dream.  How many of us can say that we honestly live out our dreams?  Not many.  Some would say that dreams don't come true and you are just living in a fantasy world.  Does this sound familiar?  Well don't worry you are not alone. 
For many years people told me that I was never going to be anything and that I wasn't going to mount up to anything and no one will want me.  Of course part of me wanted to believe them but the strength in me wanted to prove them wrong.  I had more negative people around me telling me what I cant do instead of positive people telling me what I can do.  I feel like I have been destined to tell the world or at least the people that feel like they have to give up and there is no hope for them;  I have to stand up and tell you right now that there is hope and you will make it even when you think that you can't.  Sometimes we just need to hear or read something inspirational for us to believe that we can make it and we can live out our dreams.
My passion is writing.  I always told myself that I wanted to write a book.  For a long time I didn't write my book but I kept a lot of journals along the way.  A good writer always keep a journal.  However the journals that I had would keep getting destroyed.  That's when I realized that I had talent and could write because if my personal thoughts could effect someone that much it has to be good.  After getting dozen of journals destroyed I thought to myself why keep a journal when I can put it in a book.  I still didn't pursue my dream and follow my heart because I had negative people around me telling me that I couldn't do it and that people wouldn't buy it, etc. etc.  I tried alot of different things in the mean time to see if it would be something that I would do but still nothing.  Out of everything that I have done and become qualified and certified at doing, my heart was not there.  In the back of my mind I still wanted to be a writer and I thought well let me tell some of the people in my circle to see if this is something that they would support me at.  People laughed at me and told me all kind of crazy things.  I could've stopped there and went and climb in a tree or bury myself but I was not going to do that.  At that moment there I realized that I could not live for anybody else but myself and I was determined to do what I loved to do and not let anyone stop me.  I wrote my book and didn't stop there.  I was nervous at first because you always wonder is it good enough?  Will the people buy it?  Will the people like it?  I have found out that it will go both ways.  Some will like it and some won't.  That's life.  The one thing that I found out is that if you promote you and you just stay true to you people will respond better than you think that they will.
It is important for people to have a dream because it gives you something to strive for.  Something to look forward to and to feel like you are accomplishing something positive in your life.  Why let life go by holding on to a maybe or I will do it eventually.  Get up and start living your dream right now.  Know that you are worthy of having whatever it is that you want out of life but it is just not going to knock on your door and present itself to you.  You have to work at it and work hard at getting to where you need to be for you not for anybody else.  At the end of the day the only decision that you have to live with is yours.  Why wait till tomorrow what you can do today?
I hope this has been inspirational to all of you because I wish that someone would have told me all the things that I know right now.  However I do want to thank my closest friends, and you know who you are so I will not call out any names, for always believing in me and giving me the support and the push to know that I can do anything and that this book will be successful.  Thank you for believing in me when I couldn't believe in myself.  Thank you to all my fans that have supported along this journey.  This has been a great journey for me and I am looking forward to being able to see your faces and talk to you in person soon.  You have made Livin the fast life successful.  Because of you there are five publishers interested in me.  That right there is living my dreams.  Although I don't have a publisher yet, I know that it is just a matter of time that I do.  I will continue to post everyday even if its just a simple hello.  I will continue to stay humble and always provide you with great stories and great post.  I will always keep this site personal.  Here we are family.
Thank you for sharing your time with me.  I hope that you got something out of this.  Now that you know how I feel this is your time to share what you feel.  I am listening and the doors are open. Lol.  I will be looking forward to reading all of the responses that you will make.  Until tomorrow may everyone have a blessed night.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

What the people want

The question of the day is........ what is it that you look for out of this site?

I know that's a broad question and many of you may have broad answers.  I am okay with that because like I have said many times, this is a site for the people.  I write great stories for you.  Now I want to know the kind of stories that you would like to read in the future?  I do have many ideas and plenty of titles but I would like to know what you think.  Don't be shy or vague about what you say.  This is an adult only site and you are free to say what you want.  We are all grown. 

Everyday I check my blog, facebook, twitter and website just to see what you have posted and how you feel about certain things.  Some people rather inbox me their stuff and that's cool too.  I am all about the people and giving them what they want.  In order for me to give you great stories you have to communicate this information with me.  I want everyone to feel like they can be heard.  We are family here and everyone has a story.  I am interested in listening to what you have to say.

Thank you for all of your support and making this the best site to come to.  I will be looking forward to hearing what you have to say.  Until tomorrow fans have a blessed night.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Starting off the New Year

I am so proud of what Livin the fast life has accomplished and how far it has come.  I first would like to say thank you to all the people that visit and leave their opinions and stories.  Without you none of this would be possible.

This year we are going to do bigger and better things.  I will be continuing to do post everyday and picking up where we left off.  However the post will not be so detailed but detailed enough for you to give your views on the subject.

I am really excited about this year and I will make sure that I always keep you updated on the events that will be going on with Livin the fast life and fast life management.  This year I will also give you a taste of the next book as well to see what your views are so come back everyday and see what the hot topic is.  I don't want you to miss out on anything.

Thank you again for all your constant support.  I will continue to post from my heart and give you great stories that you will love.  Always remember that FastLifeManagement is all about making dreams come true and giving back.  Without your support we can't do what we do and that's making the next generation greater and better.  Giving them hope and support to know that they can be anything that they want to be.  I will be looking forward to reading all of your views and your stories and I will always give you a response from me not some agent or assistant.  We have a personal relationship and always will.  Your views will help me to become a better writer.  Thank you again and lets have a great year.