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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

He's getting on my last nerve

The next day Dwight and his friend Cornelius came by to get us but this time Dwight was driving a Mercedes.  I asked him whose car he was driving.  "This is my car, I have five cars that I like to drive every now and then."  I was really impressed by that.  That told me one thing that he had some money and he wasn't afraid to let me know that.  "Where do you want to eat?"  I wasn't really hungry for anything in particular but I knew that I wanted something different so I chose Chinese food.  We went to this Chinese buffet and ate real well.  Cornelius was whispering in Bellia's ear and whatever he was saying she didn't like very well because she kept kicking me under the table.  I just started laughing because the expression on her face was letting me know that she was about to go off.  Dwight looked up and seen the same thing that I saw and he was so smooth with it.  "Hey man, are we still going to that party tonight or are we going to the gambling shack?"  Cornelius looked up and said, "man whatever, I'm game to do whatever."  Cornelius wanted some crab legs from the bar.  "Hey babe do you want anything from the bar?"  "I'm good," Bellia stated hastily and irritated.  "How about anybody else?"  "No thanks man the pretty lady and I are cool." "Alright then," Cornelius walked to the bar.  While Cornelius was at the bar getting his food Bellia was at the table going off.  "I'm ready to go the fuck off.  If he touch me one more time I just might slap his ass.  Dwight you better talk to you boy before he gets fucked up in here."  Bellia was five foot three and feisty as hell but she was not playing and that's what made it even funnier.  Dwight seen the sincerity in her face and he got up from the table and walked over to the bar where his boy was.  Bellia and I laughed at the situation and she was telling me everything that he was whispering in her ear.  "What the hell would make him think that someone as fine as me would let someone as ugly as him get a taste of my sweetness?"  I laughed so hard that I literally could not stop laughing. "He must be on some heavy ass drugs especially to even fix his mouth to say some shit like that.  Why do all the ugly guys want to hit on me?  That's just nasty.  I'm not playing if he comes back to this table and say anything crazy I'm going to hit him.  I'm going to lay him out on this floor and then walk over him and get the hell  out of here."  We continued to laugh while the guys came back over to the table.  I don't know what Dwight said to his boy but he would not look at Bellia, he wouldn't even talk to her and she was cool with that.  Dwight didn't feel comfortable that Bellia didn't have anyone to kick it with so he offered to either call one of his other boys or to take us home and we would hook up later.  I asked Bellia what she wanted to do and Bellia said, "after fucking with this ugly muthafucka all day I want to smoke a joint to relieve some stress."  "I got some weed at the house if you don't mind going to my house," Dwight said.  "Let's go and don't stop until we get there," Bellia said like she had just heard the best thing ever.

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