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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ain't nothin but a gangsta party

When we got to the party we knew that we were not going to stay very long because it looked like some gangsta shit and we were not going to be caught in some bull but we went in anyways.  I found Destiny and Keyana and ordered a round of drinks.  We walked over to the table that Mikel had found for us, that was close to the door.  Destiny and Keyana sat down and we talked for a while.  Keyana drunk as hell already was questioning Mikel and Dwight like they were on trial and she was the lawyer trying to prosecute them.  Dwight and Mikel didn't mind they just answered the questions.  A fight broke out and we headed for the exit before the shooting started.  As we were getting in the car some nigga's started shooting and people were running and ducking everywhere.  We were almost down the street and got blocked in by the police before we could make it out.  We were so close to where the shooting was that I couldn't believe what I saw next.  They were fighting outside and then some crip nigga walked up on some blood nigga and just blasted on him point blank in the head and took off running.  The police that was questioning us heard the gun shot and he let us go to assist the other officers that were trying to handle the situation.  We were shook up from what he had just witnessed that we went back to Dwight's to chill for a minute before going back out.

Keyana and Destiny called to make sure that we got out okay and we talked for a while.  We decided that we were going to meet at the Jazz club where we know that the crowd is mature and classy.

We calmed down from the dilemma and got ready to go in the club.  Mikel knew the owner so we waited on Destiny and Keyana to call us so that we could go in together.  While we sat in the VIP parking lot and waited on them we smoked a join and laughed and talked some shit while we waited.  We were really starting to be the perfect foursome.  Keyana called and said they were just pulling up and they would meet us at the door.  When we got to the door we all got in free because the owner Reggie was Mikel's cousin.  It was a very classy place and you had to be twenty five and older to get in.  Bellia and I were glad that we had our fake ID's that way we could get into any club that we wanted and no one would question it.  We had a table in the VIP lounge with the best of everything we all got drunk and full and partied the night away.  When the club closed we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.

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