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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Always some confrontation

While Destiny was out with Damian I was catching pure hell at the house.  It was Christmas break and Elenor got two sometimes three weeks off and she was down there the whole time she was off.  I understood since that was her husband and all but she was always on some bull.  Elenor and I had got into an altercation and she started talking mess about what I was doing and how I'm never at home and how I don't do anything around the house, just some real petty stuff.  Just to keep the drama down I decided to just walk away and go get on the phone.  I was talking to Keyana and Bellia and telling them what had just happened between Elenor and me.  We started laughing about it and Bellia said, "Girl you mama is crazy as hell." Keyana said, "I don't understand why she always be trippin on you.  She acts like your are her slave or something."  We started to laugh and I told them that she was just being a bitch not knowing that she was listening in on our conversation.  Elenor came busting in the door and snatched the phone out the wall and said angrily, "I will show you being a bitch."  I just looked at her like she had just lost her mind so I decided that I was just going to leave.  I left the house and walked down the street to the pay phone.  I called Bellia and told her to come and get me.  While I was waiting on her I was standing outside the corner store and I met this guy named Dwight.  Dwight wasn't all that cute but he was nice as hell.  I talked to him in his Suburban while I waited for Bellia.  Fifteen minutes later Bellia pulled up so Dwight and I exchanged numbers and I jumped out of the truck.  Bellia and I went to her house.

Here is part two of your daily blog.  Here is your discussion questions for this part.  Thank you for your participation.

Have your mother ever listened in on a conversation that you have had?  If so please share your story.
Did you enjoy this blog? Why?
Is there anything that you would do differently?
Do you feel like you are starting to get to know who Kenya is?


  1. never caught my mom listening on any conversation. yes i enjoyed the blog, why? its a continual story.

  2. This is an entire book but I take bits and pieces of the book and put it in the blog so that I can give all my fans a taste of what they can expect from the book. Thank you for your support. Keep your post coming.

  3. lmbo! Had plenty of conversations listened to :) (sandra)