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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jamila Gomez Author of Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl (1)

Authors Rock Week

About Birthday Girl

"A birthday weekend filled with drama and suspense gives a strong lesson of 'A sheep in wolves clothing'. Ms. Gomez's debut novel is one of my favorites. A definite page turner" Tiffany Jones- Lockridge-Behind Closed Doors For most folks, December 16th was a regular day in Decatur Georgia. For Elisha Miles it was extra special. She was turning 30 and ready to party. Considering she'd not celebrated her birthday since childhood, Elisha had no idea what was in store for her. Not just for the night, but for the entire weekend. She had one wish for her birthday...Dante, whom she had been crushing for as long as she could remember. But when he makes an appearance at Elisha's surprise birthday party planned by her best friends Mika and Julie, little did anyone know that his appearance wasn't the only surprise of the weekend. Not just for Elisha, but for other seemingly innocent bystanders. Author Jamila Gomez gives you the inside scoop on the twists and turns of all the events of Elisha and company's weekend. A story filled with suspense, drama, and secret betrayal. Will all the truth come out for the Birthday Girl?

Encouraging Words from Jamila Gomez

 keep God first. I would tell them that it is imperative that they'd never give up on their dreams. If they want it badly enough and if they're passionate enough, go after it. Nothing but God can get in their way of their dreams coming true if they want it badly enough.

Here are your questions for Jamila. Please feel free to post your comments and questions to Jamila. She will be looking to hear from you. Thank you so for your participation and constant support.

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  1. I am enjoying stopping by and reading your Authors Rock Week. This is another author that I have not heard and glad you have introduced her to your followers.
    there is a blog bop going on for feb. black history month. check it out at reflections of a bookaholic blog

  2. Sidne,

    Thank you for stopping by and supporting Authors Rock week. I hope that you are enjoying it and will stop by to see which Authors Rock in this great movement. Please feel free to ask questions or post your views. I will definitely check out this blog. I love supporting my authors because I am a new author as well and I understand how important it is to get our work read and for people to know who we are. I am excited about introducing a lot of great new authors and authors that have been in the game for a while. I will continue to keep The Fast Life family informed on many great things going on this year. 2012 you will see a lot of great changes for Livin the Fast Life. Continue to support and spread the word. Sidne you Rock!!!!