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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cynthia Miller Can you feel me?

Words of a Poet

Can You Feel Me?
Cynthia Miller

If my eyes are the window to my soul, then it serves s a mirror for you.  Move closer .Ahh, right there. Can you see yourself? Because you reside in the deepest part of my being. When I breathe, I inhale your dreams. They have become my goals……Can u see them?
window to my soul 225x300 Can You Feel Me?If you can really read my thoughts then it should serve as a tape recording of your voice. Because you stay on my mind and your character sounds off like a song I can’t wait to play. Can you hear my thoughts? Then sing along with me tonight. For, I am playing your song…….
If my heart has a door, are u standing there knocking? There is no need for you to knock. You see I have already let you in. I am just standing here waiting for you to step in and close the door to my heart.  Be gentle when you enter my heart. For I have not allowed anyone in this room for a very long time……
If my body is my temple then I invite you to come in for services.  Our love making will become sacred to me and I will honor your presence like the king that you are. I want to feel you in the morning. I want to taste you in the afternoon and scream your name in the middle of the night.
I know you can see my intentions because they are buried in my soul where you reside.
I know you hear me calling for you. Because you are running around’ inside my thoughts.
I know you entered into my heart last night because I felt you as you eased the door shut ever so gently.
I know my body has been put on layaway for you because my dream was waiting when I closed my eyes…
Can you feel me?
Encouraging Words from Cynthia
If you are looking for Love you may not find it. Love is not a hidden treasure. Rather it is a quality that we harbor inside of our very being. Love will find you. Because true love comes from above.

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