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Friday, January 27, 2012

Andre Bell Meditation

Words of a Poet

Andre Bell

I cried, I laughed
I’ve sighed and died
But like the phoenix 
From ashes I rise

I have plotted and schemed
manipulated many things
I saw myself as wise
But often played the fool

I flew with eagles
Just to find myself 
Clucking with the chickens 
When the day ended

I broke many records set by men
Only to turn around 
To observe what I just broke 
Being broken again

I wrestled with vanity 
And vainglorious imaginations 
That never became practical 
Because of doubt, inconsistencies, and procrastination 

The world smiled with me 
Only to frown 
When I turned to my own thoughts 
And let it down

I ran a race once
Only to stop and think 
As I thought 
I watched everyone pass me 

I sat in a room 
With all the lights off
Only so I could hear the thoughts of my heart
So that I might be made to be still
Granting me a lease 
On how I made it feel

So that it could disclose to me
Intimately the reflection of me
As it saw me 
Reveling how I need to see me
Many revelations through reevaluations
Took dept rooting themselves 

Budding through germination
Bring about a new elevation
From what would be anxious 
Thoughtless meditations

Andre Bell 2012

Here is your discussion questions. Please feel free to post your comments and ask Andre about his work and upcoming events. Thank you for your participation and constant support.

What are your views on this piece?
Have you read any other poems by Andre? If so what is your favorite?
What would you like to ask Andre?


  1. Thank you, Miss Elliott for featuring one of my works....

    Andre Bell

  2. You are so welcome. I am glad to be able to share with the Fast Life family. We are all about supporting each other ans showing new talent to the world although you have been doing this as long as I've known you. lol. Thank you again for sharing with us.