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Friday, January 20, 2012

Tiffany Haynes author of Desperate Times

Desperate Times

Author's Rock Week

About Desperate Times

Destiny would appears to have it all, being the owner of her hair salon and dating the oh so sexy Lewis Clarke for two years, Destiny is ready to get marry and have children but Lewis seems to be hesitant to tie the knot.But things get out of control once Destiny uncovers the hidden secret Lewis has been keeping from her. 

Terri and Maurice been for eight years and they have adorable son together but Terri still feels unloved and unappreciated by her husband. Leaving Terri depressed and not to mention hurt when she founds out Maurice cheated on her with a younger woman, soon Terri does the unthinkable to get revenge. 

Money- hungry Sabrina join an escort service to meet ends met. But she soon will realize that cash comes with a hefty price in this fast money driven business

About Tiffany Haynes

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Tiffany Haynes always had a passion for reading and writing since the age of twelve years old. She wrote Desperate for Love while pursuing a college degree. 
Researching and learning more about the publishing industry, soon Tiffany decided to start a publishing company, Black Beauty Publishing and self- published her debut novel, Desperate for Love. She received her first publishing credit as a contributing writer in Black Short Stories in early 2011. She’s looking forward to writing many more novels and short stories in the future.

Here are your discussion questions. Please feel free to post your comments and ask Tiffany about her work and upcoming events. Thank you for your participation and constant support.

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