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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Every man needs a good woman by his side

I always wondered if Man would find that perfect girl and settle down instead of all those chicken heads he was messing with. Still in the streets doing his thang he met this chick named Sabrina.  He had dated Sabrina for about six months before he decided to bring her home to meet the family.  He was always careful about the chicks he would bring home to meet us so I knew that this had to be the one or he was going to try to make her the one.

Sabrina is beautiful, she is five foot ten, Indian and Black, green eyes with blond hair and she was thick.  The first time I met her and talked to her she wasn't sure if she should like me and that was okay with me because I thought to myself "man this girl is book smart but she is kind of dingy."  Sabrina was very nice though she didn't really talk a lot but I understood it was her first time meeting me and she was nervous.  Why women are nervous when they first meet me I have no idea but they are and that's okay with me because I want them to be.

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Are you still interested in reading?
Is Sabrina described well in this post?
Have you ever found somebody that was down for you through whatever?  If so who and how did they make you feel?

Monday, August 29, 2011

How life can change so quick

Six months later the group, he had signed, walked out on him and all he had left was the dope game.  He put all his concentration on the dope game and just gave up on his music, something that he was so passionate about.  The money that we were making from the dope game was more that what we were making when he had the group and was always in the studio.

I tried to get a job, but every time that I would Jermaine would get angry and try to find a way to get me fired.  He always said that I didn't need to work, but I felt like I always needed to have my own money just in case anything should ever happen.  Jermaine felt like me working was taking away from me taking care of him.  I came up with my own plan.  Since I couldn't work I would help Jermaine sell dope and take my money off the top and stash it somewhere he would never think to look.

Jermaine started to drink more and more each and every day, and everything irritated him.  When he drank he would get very mean and I would just say out of his way because I didn't want to argue.

Carmella called me crying one night and told me she just received a phone call saying that her dad had died.  I went over to her house to comfort her plus I didn't want to look at Jermaine's drunk ass.  When I got to Carmellas I noticed that she had been crying and drinking.  She ran out of the house and said that she wanted to go to club Drakes.

Here are you questions for this discussion.

Are you still interested in reading and why?
Do you feel like you are getting to know who Kenya is and why?
Would you do anything different about this discussion and why?

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Someone else in our bed

When we got to our destination he blind folded me and guided me to the end of the seat to get out of the truck. I felt the snatch of my panties being ripped off and his face in my nectar he was licking it so good I didn't hesitate to stop him. He put me over his shoulder and I heard the door open up. I could smell the weed and thought where the hell have he taken me? Dwight placed me gently on this soft ass bed and then I felt him take my feet and someone was taking my arms and they were handcuffing me to the bed I thought that I was about to be beat, raped and abused. Dwight whispered in my ear, "just relax baby I won't hurt you, I will take good care of you." "Please just let me go, please don't hurt me," I cried. My legs started to spread and I felt something soft enter my vagina. I just relaxed and prayed that whatever was going on that it wouldn't hurt me. I kept hearing him say just relax but I wasn't sure how many people were in the room with us. I felt someone between my legs sucking on my pearl and I could tell that it wasn't him because they were doing it way too well. I couldn't stop myself from cumming tremendously because I was tied up and helpless. Whoever was getting my good juices kept putting their tongue deeper in every time that I would start to goosh and I couldn't stop. I felt the penetration inside of me and I knew that was Dwight because I had felt that before. I was trying to listen to everything that was going on so that I could try to cipher what was happening to me and what was going on around me. he stroked me harder and harder and then he got out and I felt the tongue that I had felt earlier. I heard the person screech but I couldn't tell if it was male or female the only thing that I was hoping for is that when he took the blind fold off of me it would be another female because I did not want to know that the secret he was holding was he was bi-sexual. I felt the penetration again and again and then I heard Dwight say slowly suck my dick. Whoever was in the room with us started licking my vagina and his dick while he was inside of me. I ended up passing out because what was going on was so unbelievable. When I came to he had taken the blind fold off of me and when I opened my eyes he was standing over me. "Babe are you okay? You passed out and I was just checking to make sure that you were okay." He gave me a drink of water and I seen someone walk to the bathroom. "Who was that?" "You will find out in a minute," Dwight said. When the person came out of the bathroom they came in the bedroom. It was a light skinned chick that was very thin and she had short hair. She was very pretty like a model. "Hi, I'm Valencia," and she shook my hand. Still confused and dazed about what had just happened I asked, "Dwight can I talk to you for a minute in private?" "We don't have to talk in private she is just as much a part of us and you can say whatever you want," he said. "What is going on and why is she here with us standing naked?" "She's my wife and although we are separated we still have sex from time to time and she wanted to make love to a woman and who better to do it with other than you? I was flattered but angry at the same time. "Why didn't you just ask me instead of doing it this way?" "Was it good to you?" "Yes is was but that is beside the point." Valencia sat in front of me and asked, "do you mind if I taste some more of those sweet juices?" I leaned back and opened my legs and invited her in. We had a threesome most of the night.

When we were done Dwight took me home gave me a thousand dollars for the evening and we said our goodbyes.

The next day I was headed back to Kansas.

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Are you still interested in reading on? Why?
Do you think that this is rape or just a good time? Why?
Is there anything that you would change or do differently? If so what?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Kenya's Sexual Fantasy

As I lay in bed later on that night, after a very exhausting day, I couldn't stop thinking about what I had seen earlier. That was my first time ever seeing a woman make love to another woman. I couldn't sleep so I decided to get up and take a nice hot bath. As I lay beneath the bubbles of the hot water I just couldn't stop thinking about what I had seen earlier that night. I have always heard about it and always seen the punishments but I had never watched two women make love the way that they were making love. I got out the tub an hour later and dried off. I put on my lingerie and walked down the hall to the bedroom. When I opened the door I could smell the perfume but I couldn't tell who was in my room. I lit the candles and who do I see sprawled across my bed with nothing on? Trish.

Startled I asked Trish why was she in my room and in my bed with no clothes on? Trish said "I seen how you were looking earlier and it looks like you're curious. "I responded "Not curious just doing my job." "Are you sure?" Trish replied. I couldn't give her a response because all I could see was her coke bottle silhouette that looked oh so delightful and wondered if she wanted some of my apple pie. Trish walked over to the bar and fixed us a drink. As she poured our drinks I put on some lotion and my best perfume. Why I was putting on my best perfume, I do not know. We finished our drinks and I started to feel horny as my nectar start to get wet. Trish whispered in my ear just lay back and relax let me do all the work. I knew that this wasn't right but my curiosity was getting the best of me. As I lied on the bed Trish gently spread my legs and at that moment I realized how Elaine felt.

Trish sucked on my nipples that had gotten so hard, I felt like they were going to pop off at any moment. She slowly kissed me softly down to my navel and as she gently kissed me she spread my legs and inserted her fingers in my sweet nectar. I could only let out a sigh. It felt good but I was nervous. She looked up at me and says "Enjoy the ride." I leaned back and spread my legs wide as she wanted them and she licked my sweet nectar. She told me to open my candy for her. I took my hands and spread my candy wide for her just like she asked and then she said "you are the madam tell you hoe how you want it." I took her head and smothered it in my candy and I told her that she was not allowed to stop until her face was covered with my juices. She looked up at me with a smile and said "yes mama, I will do anything you tell me to." At that point I was ready to explode but I could not let her know that I wanted it just as much as she did. She ate my sweet candy until I exploded all over her face. Then she took her tongue and stuck it so far in my candy that when she pulled it out she had all of my juices on her tongue. I knew that Trish like to be commanded and told what to do so I did my job. I commanded her to get on her hands and knees and put her butt in the air. She did as she was told. I stuck my finger in her candy and it was so wet. I put my finger in her butt and it was wet as well so I knew she was then ready for me. I got beneath her and told her to spread her candy; she did as she was told. I stuck my tongue in her candy very nervously and she made a loud yelp. I licked her candy, spanked her ass and told her she was my hoe. She is to do what I tell her and no back talk and would protect her from Uncle Tommy and Cletis Ray as she squirted her juices across the room she agreed to do whatever I told her and we had wild sex for the next three hours. I had never had a man lick my candy as good as Trish. That's when I realized that I liked the feeling of woman as well as men.

Here are your questions for this discussion. Give your honest answers.

Was the sex scene steamy?
Are you still interested in reading?
Do you feel like it is too early to have a sex scene in the book and why?
Would you change anything and why?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thankful for today

Hello my Fast Life friends,

I have been away for a week and I missed each and everyone of you. I want to thank all of my Fast Life friends for all the bday wishes. I had a great bday. Now it's time to get back to work and do what I love to do and that's write and talk to my friends.

My birthday made me realize a lot of things and I would like to share with you, my family. Today I want to talk about being Thankful for today.

Trendy Topic of the day:    Thankful for Today

There are more people in the world angry, sad, confused and hurting. We all go through something and in today's time things are definitely not easy. Instead of coming together and helping one another, we would rather fuss and fight and hate on the people that could possibly help us. Instead of being sad we need to live each and everyday like it is our last. Life is way too short to be angry, sad, confused and hurting.

I am thankful for today because I am a better person then I was yesterday. I am thankful for today because I am striving for my dreams. I am thankful for today because I have the best Fast Life friends in the world. I am thankful for today because I have breath in my body and able to see another beautiful day even if it is 110 degrees. I am thankful for today because I have people that love me unconditionally. I am thankful for today because I am able to see 35 and I was told that I wouldn't see 21. I am thankful for today because I am able to come into your home and tell my story.

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What are you thankful for?
Are you a person that is sad, unhappy and confused or a person that is happy and at peace?
What are the people that is in your circle like?
What do you think of this discussion?