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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Grindin to make it

Destiny had three more children by Damian and even though it got hard sometimes Destiny still held it down.  Damian wouldn't keep a job and Destiny was tired of having to do it all by herself even though she had been doing it for years.  Damian was very jealous of Destiny, he didn't like the fact that she was a better hustler than he was.

Whenever something had to be taken care of, Destiny knew how to make that money.  She was good at doing hair.  If you needed a weave, wig, braids, perm, extensions whatever you needed, she can do and she is cheaper and better than getting it done in the salon.  It wouldn't take you all day to get your hair done either, depending on what you want done.

Destiny held down a full time job, working for an insurance company.  She was the lead person in the office.  She was making good money, while Damian still wanted to be a hustler.  Damian was never a good hustler but he always thought he was doing something.  He was a penny hustler, someone who wanted to be big but only makes change.

Here are your discussion questions?  Thank you for your participation and your constant support.  Please feel free to post your comments.

Are you still interested in reading? Why?
Have you ever had to take care of the man that you love or once loved? Why?
Would you take care of a man or do you think a man should take care of his woman? Why?


  1. have been on both sides of this fence. Have had my share of "damian's" and love definitely does not make it worht it. Men who can allow a woman to do that is weak. I have also been in the situation where my man jus needed time to get back on his feet...& if ur woman can't have ur back...then who? (sandra)

  2. Sandra,

    You are so right about that. I feel like it is very weak for a man to expect his woman to support him and take care of him. On the other hand I can understand that if he is being a man about his and things get bad it is a womans duty to stand up and pick up the slack because times will not be bad forever. Thank you so much for participating and all of your support. Keep your comments coming.

  3. The only man i've taken care of was my husband. He was entering a field not many a. a. men was in so it took awhile for him to get employed meanwhile
    my hubby had our house clean, every other day cooked, (he only cooked 5 things very well and kids started to complain and begging me to cook a few days) lol. kids had done homework, laundry was always done. heck, i almost died when he went back to work.

  4. Sidne, the BCR

    This is when you know that you have a real man. Although he didn't know how to cook well he still tried and that's what real men do. It is really good to know that they do still exsist. It takes a real woman to realize and appreciate that she has a good man especially when there are so many wrong men out there. I thought it was extremely funny to know that you almost died when he went back but that's because you realized just how much he really did. Thank you for your participation and your constant support. I enjoy reading your post so please keep them coming.