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Thursday, February 17, 2011

I don't want you......

Sandra tried very hard to get with Man but he wasn't having it.  Man was going to avoid being with Sandra as long as he could.  He didn't even want to hold a conversation with Sandra because he said that he didn't want to give her any ideas.  By the end of the night Sandra was practically throwing herself at him but Man was standing his ground and he refused to be broken.  Jacquai and I could not stop laughing at them the whole day.

Man was ready to go home and Jacquai had to wait on his mom to get home so that he could take Man home.  Man was ready to go home and he was determined that he was going home so that he could get away from Sandra.  It was not that easy to get rid of Sandra, she offered to take him home.  He really didn't want her to take him anywhere but he gave in and allowed her to take him home because he was missing out on some money, and he would rather be making money than spending time with someone that he didn't even like.

Here are your discussion questions.  Please feel free to post your comments and let us know what you think.  Thank you for your participation and constant support.

Are you still interested in reading? Why?
Have you had someone that wanted you but you didn't want them? Who?
What did you do to let them know that you didn't want them or did you mislead them to spare their feelings?
Is there anything that you would do differently? What?

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