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Monday, February 14, 2011

Does Love come in different forms?

Today is going to be a good day because this is the first day that I will get to actually meet the man that I have been holding long conversations with, over the phone, for the last three months going on four months.

I have been talking to this man named Jacquai and we met through my brother Man.  I had not gotten the chance to meet him yet but today was the day.  This would be the first day that I would know if the mystery man that I have been talking to over the phone for months is really the one for me.

Jacquai and I talk on the phone ever day for hours just getting to know each other.  he is from Chicago his birthday is two days after mine which makes us the same sign, Leo, he has an older sister and he is the baby, and is all bout his money.  We had so many things in common that I couldn't believe this was real so I couldn't wait to meet him.  Every time that we would try to hook up something would happen and we never got the chance.

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