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Monday, February 7, 2011

Every man needs a woman to stand by him

I always wondered if Man would find that perfect girl and settle down instead of all those chicken heads he was messing with. Still in the streets doing his thang he met this chick named Sabrina.  He had dated Sabrina for about six months before he decided to bring her home to meet the family.  He was always careful about the chicks he would bring home to meet us so I knew that this had to be the one or he was going to try to make her the one.

Sabrina is beautiful, she is five foot ten, Indian and Black, green eyes with blond hair and she was thick.  The first time I met her and talked to her she wasn't sure if she should like me and that was okay with me because I thought to myself "man this girl is book smart but she is kind of dingy."  Sabrina was very nice though she didn't really talk a lot but I understood it was her first time meeting me and she was nervous.  Why women are nervous when they first meet me I have no idea but they are and that's okay with me because I want them to be.

Here are your discussion questions for the day.  Please feel free to post your comments and your views.  Thank you for your participation and your constant support.

Are you still interested in reading?
Is Sabrina described well in this post?
Have you ever found somebody that was down for you through whatever?  If so who and how did they make you feel?


  1. Sabrina has enough description. i had a cousin that was my ride or die partner. that is when we was young. we knew we could count on each other. we just had a bond that was like elmer's glue.

  2. Sidne, the BCR

    Thank you for sharing your views. I always love to read what you have to say. When we are young we tend to do some crazy things but you always had that one person that you knew you could trust with your life. Thank you for participating and your support. Keep those comments coming.