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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Living on the circle

Living on the circle, you saw everybody especially on the weekends.  The circle is where everyone would ride and show off their whip.  Everyone that would ride through would see us sitting on the porch would honk and wave or they would just stop.

The house wasn't all that great but at least we had some place to lay our heads.  The squirrels were getting in the wall and running around especially in the closets.  You would never see them but you could always hear them running around.

Elenor had come down to visit and Reece told me that he wanted me at home so that she wouldn't know that I'm hardly ever at home.  I really didn't want to stay at home but I knew that I didn't want to listen to Elenor complain.  Reece's sister Rolanda wanted him to watch her son Jamal while she went to the casino and he told her that he would.  I was not happy about it but there was not a lot that I could do about it so I just went with the flow.

Jamal always stayed in trouble and nobody in the family wanted to watch him because he was so bad.  Reece was the only on that he did not get out of line with.  Jamal and I never got alone because he always thought that I was taking all of his uncle's time.  He was his mama's baby and wanted everyone else around him to baby him.  Jamal had an older sister but she was much older, she was married and had three children of her own.  Her children were almost the same age as her little brother.

Jamal ended up staying the entire weekend.  He was dropped off on a Thursday but not picked up until Monday.  On Sunday I had had enough of Jamal.  I wanted this little boy out of my house and I was willing to do whatever it took to get him out.  I had been there so long by myself that I did not want to share my space with him.

Reece got up that morning and fixed breakfast.  We ate and after we cleaned up the kitchen we decided to watch a movie.  Normally we would've been outside but on this particular day we decided to watch a movie.  Jamal was getting on my nerves and so I punched him, he went and told Reece that I him him for no reason.  Instead of Reece just coming to talk to me they cooked up a plan to get even.  Forgetting that I had punched Jamal earlier that day; while Reece was cooking dinner, he came in the living room and asked if anybody needed anything.  "I need some kool-aid," I said.  "No problem I will do that for you," Reece said.  "No that's okay i will get it myself," I replied.  "Are you sure?" "Yes, I am." I go in the kitchen and start to fix me something to drink and then suddenly I had to go to the bathroom.  I go to the bathroom and come out and finish fixing my drink and getting me something to snack on from having the munchies.  I go to sit down and I'm just drinking my kool-aid watching the movie getting my chill on and as I am getting to the bottom of my glass I am looking and I know there is only suppose to be ice in my glass and what do I see? A pair of dentures was in my glass.  I screamed so loud and when they heard the scream they knew what happened.  Elenor was in the bedroom lying down and she jumped out of bed to see what was wrong.  "Reeeecccceee," I yelled he came running out of the kitchen.  "You thought it would be funny to put your teeth in my cup?" Everyone in the house started laughing like it was a joke or something and Reece ran out the door.  I ran out the door right behind him and chased him down the street.  Everybody just thought that was so funny that he would put his dentures in my glass.  Before I realized it I had chased him for about a block down the busiest street on the north side.

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  1. This blog is pretty different from the rest. It shows a different side of Kenya...not the player Kenya, but the chill Kenya.[sandra]

  2. I know right. Hopefully you will get to see different sides of Kenya. Keep your post coming and I will make sure that I give you what you want. Thank you for your participation and your support.

  3. Sidne,the BCR I am really glad to know that you enjoyed it and will be coming back for more. I appreciate you commenting and participating. Thank you for your support.