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Monday, January 24, 2011

What you will do for a Rum Cake......Part 6

Shortly after that Reece had gotten himself in some trouble when he went home to visit and had been sentenced to five years in prison.  For the next five years we traveled from one side of Oklahoma to the other going to see Reece.  Elenor loved that man and no bars or space would keep her from him.  Reece called and said that he wanted a Rum cake because he had been craving it so my mother called Sheila, who makes the best Rum cake in America, to have her make him a Rum cake.  Sheila loved to make her famous Rum cake and since she knew the situation she decided she was going to put extra rum in it.  Elenor went to pick up the cake before she went to see Reece.  When she got there Elenor had a clear cake container to put the cake in.  Elenor laughed when she saw the cake.  "What are you laughing about girl?  What's wrong with the cake?"  "Nothing although it's strong as hell, I could smell the cake before I even got to the cake.  Good thing I brought this clear cake pan."  The laughed and prepared the cake to go.  Elenor got in the car and said to me, "I surely hope they don't pull off the lid."  We laughed and joked about it for a long time.  We drove to the prison and I kept her company all the way.  When we got there I got my sisters out of the car and helped Elenor get the food that we had prepared for the day.  I carried the basket with the food in it and Elenor carried the cake.  Nervously we walked in the prison.  Having to go through the check point we were starting to shake a little bit but we kept it calm.  Even though Elenor wants to be hood she is scary.  It was our turn to go through the check point; we laid the food on the counter to be searched.  The guard talked to us and told us what we could and couldn't take inside the prison.  We were allowed to take all the silverware in except for the plastic butter knife for the cake.  He got to the cake and examined it and said "glad that you have a clear lid on it that makes it easier for us to examine it without having to open it up."  When he said that, we looked at each other and did a hidden chuckle.  he let us go through and told us what table to go to and the prisoner will be there shortly.  Reece had already seen us coming in because he was sitting in the yard waiting just so he could see us when we got there.  When he came to the table the first thing he asked was, "did you have any problems getting my cake through?"  We started laughing and told him what happened he though that was the funniest thing.  We laughed, joked and ate well.  Even though it was a horrible place to be, we still made the best out of it.

Here are your discussion questions.  Please feel free to leave your comments and answer the question.  Your participation and your constant support is greatly appreciated.

Are you still interested in reading? Why?
Have you ever done anything crazy for someone in jail? If so please explain.
Would you change anything or do anything differently?
Is the character explained well in this blog? 


  1. still interested and never done anything crazy for anyone in jail.

  2. Sidne,the BCR

    I am glad that you are still interested in reading. Thank you for all of your support and continue to read and post your comments. I really enjoy reading them.