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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Goin to Oklahoma

I was glad to be in Oklahoma.  I was having the time of my life so I thought.

Kicking it with my friends and cousins everyday was a routine thing.  If I wasn't with my cousin Keyana, I was with my friend Bellia.

People would always get me and my cousin name's mixed up every time because they were so close together.  They called her Ke Ke and me Ken or just a simple hey you and point at which one of us they were talking about.  We got a kick out of it because we just thought that it was so odd that we were not blood but our names were so close together.  Keyana's dad was Reece's cousin.  Even though they were cousins they didn't hang out a whole lot but Keyana and I clicked the first time we were indroduced at the wedding.

Keyana was the only child so she was spoiled as hell.  She got all the new gear and then whatever she would replace she would give to me until she found out that I had the gift to gab and could talk a blind man out of his cane and his dog.  Every Saturday we would go the the mall just to see who was there.  We would never go to the same mall every weekend because they had four malls that you could go to.  Every Saturday we would pick which mall we were going to hang out in and see how many numbers we could get.  We never had a lot of money when we went to the mall but we always walked out with a bunch of bags.  Our parents could never figure out how we could buy so much stuff but they never asked.

February the cold is still in the air, especially for that part of the country, we are headed to the mall to figure out what we are going to wear to the big concert.  We know everyone's going to be at this concert because this was one of the biggest concerts of the year.  The concert is featuring H-Five, Hi-Town Boys, Young Jodeci and The Mint Condition Band.  The concert is Valentine's Day weekend so not only do we have to find an outfit for the concert but we have to make sure that we were cute for the entire weekend.  There were six of us going to the concert together so we thought it would be a good idea to go the mall together or at least meet at the mall.  Me, Keyana and our other cousin Destiny rode to the mall together. Before we had left for the mall I called a couple of my male friends and told them that I was going to the mall with my cousins and to see if they wanted to meet me there.

I told Rob that I would be at the mall at  one o'clock and I told Jose that I would meet him at the mall at six o'clock, that way I would have enough time to do what I needed to do with both of them.

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  1. Yes I always enjoy reading the blogs. The chapter flowed smoothly. I wouldn't change a thing. Though, I think I may have lost myself between blogs. The previous blogs seemed to transition into each other, so I am a little confused as to how Kenya went from being in Kansas to Oklahoma? Are we to assume she is just visiting? I am interested to see if how far Kenya can get with her "mouthpiece" :) [sandra]

  2. Thank you sandra for the comments that you post. I can understand how you got lost a little bit because I really never finished the blog from chapter 3 so there is a big gap between them. I do apologize about that but keep posting and you will definitely have your chance to win your free copy of Livin the fast life and everything that you missed in between you will get to find out what happens. I am really glad that you enjoy the post. I think you will be quite surprised how far Kenya will go with her mouthpiece. Stay tuned for the next blog. I will make sure that I don't cut you off like that again. lol. Thank you for your participation and your constant support. Keep your post coming.