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Monday, January 24, 2011

Bringin home Reece......Part 5

A month later Elenor came to pick us up from my grandparent's house and he was with her.  She brought him in for all of us to meet him.  The first time I saw him I thought he looked like a gremlin.  He was dark skinned, six feet tall, pointy ears and face sunk in like a gremlin but he made her happy.  His name was Reece.

For months Reece would come to see her or she would go to Oklahoma to see him but then she decided to move further south and he moved in with us.  Reece liked to drink, smoke weed and listen to his old school records.  He was a night owl so we changed our life style to accommodate his.  Reece took good care of us.  Being from a big family and having to help raise his brothers and sisters he knew how to do a lot of things.  Elenor didn't like to do much cooking plus she was really never home long enough to prepare us a hot meal, but Reece came in and made sure that we could eat good and have nice things like all the other kids.  Every Sunday after cooking us a big Sunday dinner he would take us to the ice cream parlor for ice cream.  We would play football and laugh at the other patrons in the store.  We would have so much fun.  We really liked Reece but then when he would drink he would turn into his evil twin Lester, and we would be so scared.  Elenor always said it was that Gemini coming out.

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