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Monday, January 24, 2011

Elenor gets married again....Part 7

The day of his release date was the day that they were planning on getting married but there was a mix up in the paperwork and he wouldn't be released for another week.  They did not want to wait so they were allowed to go ahead and get married one the day that they had originally planned.  They were married while he was still a prisoner but the day that he got out they celebrated like they were rock stars.  Reece couldn't leave Oklahoma for two years so they found a place in Oklahoma.

Elenor was not going to quit her job at one of the biggest aircraft companies in Kansas, so she visited Reece every weekend.  When I was not with my big sister Adrian I was with then in Oklahoma.  We started being in Oklahoma so much that I was getting to know my way around in Oklahoma.  I hung out with my cousin Keyana a lot and she started introducing me to everybody and I started meeting friends on my own.  I was having so much fun that one day I just decided that I was not going back to Kansas.  Reece was okay with me staying but Elenor thought that she should be there to supervise me.  Reece convinced her to leave me there when I was kicking it with Keyana.

The next day when I came back to the house she told me that I was going to stay in Oklahoma, but if I wanted to come back to Kansas she would come and get me.

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Have you ever felt like your mother brought someone home that you didn't like? If yes, what did you do about it and how did you feel about it?
Is there anything that you would have changed? Why?

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