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Monday, October 18, 2010

The move in with Jermaine

Two days later I moved out of my aunt's house.  I was very excited to be moving in with Jermaine.  We realized we had so much in common and he was really trying to show me that it was not about the sex with us he was really trying to be serious.

After living together for two wonderful months, I decided that it was time to show Jermaine just what he had been waiting on for so very long, some of my sweet candy.

That day I called Carmella to see if she wanted to go shopping.  I went and picked her up in my new Mercedes.  When I pulled up in her driveway she was looking out the window.

Carmella lived in the suburb of San Bernardino.  She always said that no matter what it took she was going to get out of the hood.  The day we graduated she was moving into her new home that was nowhere close to the hood.

Carmella came outside to see who was pulling up in her driveway.  She was standing on the porch with er hands on her hips waiting to see who was going to get out of the car or if the car was just turning around.  I got out of the car in some fresh gear wih my hair freshly done with the new Jordan's looking oh so fly.  "Girl whose car did you steal?" Carmella said jokingly.  "It's mine, Jermaine just bought it for me and I thought that I would show him my appreciation.  Tonight will be the night."  "Oh sulky sulky now," she replied.  "Girl get your stuff and let's get out of here."  We got in the car and went to L.A. to go shopping.  L.A. had all the hottest stuff.

After a long day shopping, I went back to the house to take a bath and get ready for Jermaine to come home.  I started dinner first.  I wasn't sure what to make so I decided to make Lasagna with corn on the cob and some French garlic bread, cherry cheesecake for dessert and me on the side.

I went upstairs and turned on some Luther and took a long hot bath.  When I got out the tub I called Jermaine to see where he was at and how long he was going to be out.  "Hey babe, what are you doing?" "Right now me and my boys are in the studio and then I have some deliveries that I have to take care of.  I should be home by midnight."  I wasn't very happy but I understood.  Somebody has to make the money so I can go shopping and do whatever I want to do and live the life that I want to live.

Here are your questions for this discussion.

Are you still interested in reading and why?
Do you think that Kenya is a gold digger?
Would you do anything different and why?

Thank you for your participation.  Please make sure that you answer the questions and leave your comments.  Your opinions and concerns matter to me.


  1. yes...still intrested. Not quite seeing !enya as a gold digger tho. More like every other young girl who grew up without. She just sees that she has an opportunity to come up in the world and is not ghonna let it pass her by...NOW EVENTUALLY SHE HAS GOTTA LEARN THAT EVERYTHING THAT GLITTERS AIN'T GOLD ;)...(sandra)

  2. You are so right about that but I guess you will have to keep reading to see if Kenya ever learns or does she keep going down the path of destruction. Thank you for your comment and keep them coming.