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Thursday, February 10, 2011

A boyz in the hood moment

The next day his boys had gotten word of who had shot Man and they were planning on riding out.  I was not going to let them leave without me going with them but they would not let me go with them because they said that if anything happened to me Man would kill them and they were not going to take that chance.  I stopped to think about what they had just said to me and started laughing because they were more scared of Man than the dudes they were looking for.  The dude that had shot Man was bold and brave that he was telling everyone that he had killed my brother not knowing that Man was still alive and out for a vengeance.  When the dude who tried to kill Man found out he was still alive he had sent some of his boys up to the hospital to finish the job not knowing that Man was on twenty four hour security there was at least four people up there at all times and we took turns.  They couldn't get Sabrina and I to leave his side we were not going anywhere.  The only time we left was to go take a shower and change clothes and then back to the hospital.  Any time one of us left we were escorted to the house just to make sure that no one was following us or that we were targeted.  As the days passed Man got better and stronger and he knew that he was going to have to lay low for a while but he was okay with that because this would give him a chance to spend some real time with his new family.

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