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Monday, August 29, 2011

How life can change so quick

Six months later the group, he had signed, walked out on him and all he had left was the dope game.  He put all his concentration on the dope game and just gave up on his music, something that he was so passionate about.  The money that we were making from the dope game was more that what we were making when he had the group and was always in the studio.

I tried to get a job, but every time that I would Jermaine would get angry and try to find a way to get me fired.  He always said that I didn't need to work, but I felt like I always needed to have my own money just in case anything should ever happen.  Jermaine felt like me working was taking away from me taking care of him.  I came up with my own plan.  Since I couldn't work I would help Jermaine sell dope and take my money off the top and stash it somewhere he would never think to look.

Jermaine started to drink more and more each and every day, and everything irritated him.  When he drank he would get very mean and I would just say out of his way because I didn't want to argue.

Carmella called me crying one night and told me she just received a phone call saying that her dad had died.  I went over to her house to comfort her plus I didn't want to look at Jermaine's drunk ass.  When I got to Carmellas I noticed that she had been crying and drinking.  She ran out of the house and said that she wanted to go to club Drakes.

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