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Thursday, January 19, 2012

LD Hardy Author of Generational Curses

Generational Curses

Author's Rock Week

About Generational Curses

Standing at the elevator doors of the industrial style apartments in Los Angeles, California, Cynthia contemplates if she is making the right decision by surprising her boyfriend with an unexpected visit. As she goes back and forth between getting inside the elevator or going back home, she wonders how she managed to end up in such a predicament. Her life was coasting along just as planned until that fateful day after Easter Break.

Cynthia Solomon is beautiful, smart, focused, ambitious, and is trying to break free of the ghosts that haunt her and her family. She comes from a strong line of women, where the men exited as quickly as they entered and she is pervaded with so much self-doubt growing up in the sleepy town of Savannah, Georgia that she clings to what she feels is her best and only asset, her intellect. Her own father checked out on the family when Cynthia, was very young and because her mother was so wrecked by the betrayal, she will not or perhaps cannot express her love for Cynthia in the way she needs and wants.

Even with her dysfunctional home life, she manages to maintain some semblance of normalcy growing up, if only superficially, thanks to her younger sister Camille who loves her fiercely and her best friend Taylor who is a loud, outspoken wild child. Taylor is the complete opposite of Cynthia, it is something that Cynthia loves about her but she also secretly covets it.

After Cynthia and Taylor move to Atlanta for college, Cyns' perfectly mapped out life is still moving along as planned, that is until her senior year at Emory University, when she meets this sexy New Yorker, Mitch Capleton who manages within one summer to disrupt Cyn's quiet life.

"I have come to believe that some things are in the blood and try as we might to fight against it, there are things that inevitably will come to pass; even if we manage to hide ourselves behind fancy professional titles, a collection of degrees, or designer wares; somehow our destinies will surely find us." 

About LD Hardy

LD Hardy was born in the small rural town of Garysburg, North Carolina. Being raised in a small town helped shape her outlook on the world but it also made her eager to see what else lie outside of the confines of her hometown. As a young girl, she learned to use books to take her where her feet could not. She was educated in the Northampton County School System until she moved to Greensboro, North Carolina to pursue higher learning at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro; she ultimately graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. After graduation, she worked in various fields trying to find her niche; from public education to finance. While work was fulfilling she never forgot her first love; writing. Currently, she is a free-lance writer for various publications but Generational Curses is her first completed novel. Ms. Hardy currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina with her dog Piper.

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