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Monday, January 23, 2012

Kiexiza Rodriguez My Inner Beast

Hello Fast Life family,

I hope everyone is having a great day and ready to enjoy this week. This week I have some great poets that will be sharing their work with you. Please feel free to comment and ask these poets about themselves and their work. Thank you for always showing your love and support because here at Livin the Fast Life we are about supporting each other and making dreams come true. Let's get this week started with a great and talented lady.

Words of a Poet

My Inner Beast
Kiexiza Rodriguez

She roars
she purrs
she yearns to be stroked
She can love 
she can hate
she can be worst than you worst date

Uplifting those around her
all while her heart breaks
feeding your soul
while she cries alone
wishing nothing but the best for you
while you complain you have no time
no money
no thought to support.

My inner soul
moves on
looks high
some how sees past
all the negativity you do
you put her through

Behind the Eye of Kie

Here are your discussion questions. Please feel free to post your comments and ask Kiexiza about her work and upcoming events. Thank you for your participation and constant support. 

What are your views on this piece?
Have you read any other poems by Kiexiza? If so what is your favorite poem?
What would you like to ask Kiexiza?


  1. That piece was is hotness. Her poetry is smooth. I'd love to hear it done live.

  2. Tony,

    She is very good and she has many more great pieces. She will be answering you and letting you know her upcoming events and where she will be. Thank you so much for supporting poetry week.