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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jamala Brown-Goodman Author of Temptation of Love


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About Temptation of Love

 The Temptation Of Love tells the story of Alexander Love, a Philadelphia, PA attorney whose heart was broken several years ago when what he thought was the love of his life walked away when he announced he wanted to study law instead of joining the NBA. Alex spends several years in meaningless relationships until he becomes the youngest partner ever at his law firm, and his mother throws a congratulatory party where his cousin brings a friend along and Alex is blown away by the sight of her.

Alex decides that he will seduce this beautiful woman, buying her gifts, taking her to extravagant dinners, and bringing her along on a business trip to Atlantic City. The trip to A.C. turns out to be way more than simply business.

Jada Whitman is a movie executive who lost her family when she was a teenager to a fatal accident. She struggles with abandonment issues not only with loved ones, but friends. She has resolved herself to a life without real love until she attends a party with the one person in Hollywood she took a chance to become friends with.

She is instantly attracted to Alex, but in her mind, she has nothing to offer in a relationship, nor does she carry on brief casual affairs. Life and Hollywood have taught her more than enough life lessons. Blindsided by new emotions and the prompting of her friend, she decides to “hang out” with Alex while she is visiting Philadelphia. Soon, her heart betrays her mind and she finds herself in love for the first time in her life.

Just as the two embark on a new relationship, a blast from Alex’s past makes an untimely appearance. Alex finds himself torn between feelings he thought he’d long buried and a promising future with a fresh start. All the while, just as the two are coming to grips with these new emotions, danger lurks around the very next corner. Alex is in for the “trial” of his life as he risks his reputation and his heart to save the life of the woman he loves and then fights to keep her by his side. 
In this rollercoaster ride of emotions, danger and humor, Alex and Jada not only get to know themselves but each other and form a bound of love unbreakable by any of the forces conspiring against them. 

Encouraging words from Jamala

If you have a dream or goal, never say DIE! Even if it takes you years, the feeling when you accomplish your goal will be like nothing you've ever felt. Every second is worth it. Lastly, you can not imagine the love and appreiciation I have for my readers. You all inspire me and encourage me to pursue my dream. Thank you!

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