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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Krystol Author of Through her Eyes

Author's Rock Week

About Krystol

Krystol Diggs also known as Krystol, a native of Delaware born at one pound and dropping to thirteen ounces was meant to be on this earth for something! Her debut novel Through Her Eyes was the jump start of more to come. While writing poems and short stories, she always knew that she enjoyed writing. She is also a contributing writer for Raw Talent Magazine. An anthology called Rendezvous will be published in April of 2012 where she will participate with a collaborating of authors, a short story called Our Angel that is being donated into the America Cancer Society. 

Jazzy's Bitch A Thriller Series

Jazzy’s Bitch, a thriller series is available on 
Rendezvous an anthology will be available in April of 2012
Twitter: @Krystol1
Facebook: Author Krystol 
Fan Page: Krystol’s Fan Page via facebook
Synopsis for Sweet Innocence: Aurica Daniels is an award winning author from Delaware. She's best known for her thriller novels. She is loved by her friends and cherished by her fans; Aurica has a secret past that she never told, until now. Abused by her father as a child Aurica wonders if she will move on from her past and have a prominent future. Aurica and her publicist go on a 5 day book tour but Aurica just doesn't go on any tour, she goes on a revenge spree that will shock all! Will Mrs. Daniels get the Sweet Innocence she deserves or will her past continue to crowd her future?

Sweet Innocence

Through Her Eyes

Melanie Woodard has had one hell of a ride. Being molested as a child, dealing with a mother on drugs, and going from one relationship to the next has been hard. Although Melanie realizes that her experiences has made her stronger, she still deals with the pain. Will Melanie have the true happiness deserves? Come cheer Melanie on as she shows you her life Through Her Eyes. 
Synopsis for Jazzy’s Bitch: Karmen Watson meets the man of her dreams, a guy named Jazzy. Blinded by love and money she is living the good life. Noticing a change in her new found love, Jazzy starts speaking in a different language with his fist. Will Karmen make Jazzy change his ways? Or will she stay with him til death due her part.

Here are your discussion questions. Please feel free to comment and ask Krystol about her work and upcoming events. Thank you for your participation and constant support.

Have you read any of Krystol's work? If so which one?
How would you rate it?
What are your views?
What would you like to ask Krystol?

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