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Monday, January 30, 2012

Heartbreaks La'tee Recording Love

Hello Fast Life family,

I am glad to start this week off right.  I have told you that this year we are going to be doing a lot of different things and changing up the game.  For the past couple of weeks you have met some great authors and great poets. Well this week I want to introduce you to some great musicians.  No matter how the words come they all express the way we feel. Please show your love for these wonderful musicians this week. Let's get started. Today we are going to start out with some of that West Coast Flava. Here is a young man coming out of San Bernardino, Ca. doing what he loves to do. Please show your love for Heartbreaks La'tee.

Sounds of a Musician


Encouraging words from La'tee

Continue to live your dreams and never allow anyone to tell you what you can't do. Remember that you can do anything you believe in. Continue to work hard and you will succeed.

Here is the website you can find Heartbreaks La'tee if you would like to hear more of his music. Please show your love and feel free to post your comments and ask La'tee about his work and upcoming projects. Thank you for your participation and constant support.

What did you think of Recording Love?
Have you heard any of Heartbreaks La'tee music? If so what's your favorite song?
What would you like to ask Heartbreaks La'tee?

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