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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Making things right

Travon had enough of Kevina telling him that she was going to leave him; he started preparing himself for the break up.  After everyone had gone home for the day, Travon would come down to the office and talk to me about what he should do about his marriage.  Travon did not want to lose his family and I could tell that he really wanted to try to make his marriage work.  I wasn't mad at him for trying to make it work out, but at least he wanted to do the right thing.  Something most men don't know how to do.

I wasn't a therapist or anything but for some reason people always wanted to know my opinion and wanted my advice.  I told Travon that maybe he should try to do something nice for his wife and show that he really does love her and that he doesn't want to lose her.  He said that was a good idea and we started planning their romantic evening.  He asked me what my perfect date would consist of.  I told him that my perfect date would be taking a walk under the stars holding hands with the one that I love and just talking about everything, nothing in particular but about anything other than just work.  We would have a nice candle light dinner with some soft music.  After we ate dinner, we would dance a while and then go take a nice hot bubble bath together and just hold each other and remember why we fell in love.  After a nice hot bubble bath we would make lover under the moon until the sun came up.  Travon liked the sound of that. He told me that he would try it and see where it gets him and he would let me know.

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