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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The distance between us

Travon and I were becoming very distant although we lived together and we still did things together as a couple.  The love that we once shared was slowly starting to fade.  I didn't like that we were starting to pull away from each other but all I knew was that I was going to do everything in my power to make us strong again. Travon and I never argued except for once every six months and sometimes not even then.

Before I had the surgery we started arguing more than normal.  I tried to understand how he was feeling as well.  I knew that I had been sick a lot and I could see that he was not handling the fact that I was sick. What I didn't understand was why he didn't know that I was sickly when he knew before we had got together that I was sickly then.

The day that I went into the hospital, to have surgery, I had noticed that Travon was real quiet and didn't have much to say.  I was almost like he was not supportive at all. Like he just didn't care. I didn't want to think that he didn't care so I told myself that he was tired.  When I got out of surgery that afternoon I slept a lot but every time I would open my eyes i could see that Elenor was there but Travon was not.  When Travon got to the hospital he seemed kind of irritated.  I asked him where he was, he got angry and told me that he had stuff to do.  I didn't say anything because I couldn't get angry.  The last time I had surgery like this I got angry and busted my stitches apart and they had to come and re-stitch me but this time I as awake.  I was not going to have that done again, when he started talking to me crazy, I just tuned him out hit my medicine button and went back to sleep.

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