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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Goin to the Ball

I tell Calvin that I am going my own way and we will meet up in an hour if nothing is jumping off. Calvin doesn't like the idea that I don't want to be around him but he really doesn't have a choice. I start walking around and I notice a few fine brothers, that seem to be alone, sitting at a table holding a conversation. I decide to walk to the bar and see if anyone will get up enough nerves to approach me. I walk up to the bar and order a goose and cranberry. The bartender fixes my drink and tells me that it is taken care of. I smile a little bit because now I know that someone has noticed me out of this crowd but I don't know who it can be.

Sitting at the bar sipping on my drink enjoying the music. I look around and notice a few gentlemen sitting across the way from the bar staring at me. I smile and raise my drink to them and they do the same in return. I turn back around to face the bar and out of the corner of my eye, I can see there is this fine, dark, tall and handsome brother sitting next to me. I really don't know where he came from but he is sitting next to ME. “How do you like your drink?” he ask. I turn towards him and reply, “I suppose that you are the one that bought my drink? Thank you for the drink.” “Yes I did, I noticed you when you walked in and I just have to know your name.” “My name is Kenya,” I reply. He tells me that he finds my name to be beautiful. The fine, dark brother ask me if I would like to join him for the remaining of the evening so that we can get to know each other better. I look at him and tell him that it would be my pleasure. He grabs my hand, for me to get down out of my seat. We find us a table and continue to enjoy each others company.

I drill him like I am his drill sergeant. He doesn't mind though, he just answers the questions without any hesitations. I find out that his name is Tyrone; he is thirty three, never been married and has two kids. I am not happy that he has two kids because one thing that I know is that with two kids there is baby mama drama that comes along with it. I try to ignore the fact that he has two kids and concentrate on the positive things, like he is a broker and owns his own home. I am too classy of a woman, and make good money myself to mess with someone that is broke and can't contribute. After enjoying our conversation for a couple of hours we decide to go back to his place for breakfast, a night cap and continue where we left off.

This really can't be true. This guy is entirely too nice, something must be wrong with him I think to myself. I don't want to jump to any conclusions just yet about this one. I will give him a fair chance until he proves to me that he does not deserve it.

We pull up at his house and it is beautiful. I think to myself he has to live with someone else or this is just a hoax. I feel like this can be the one but I have to get to know his man better before I can make that kind of decision. Every time that I feel like a man can be the one, he always never seems to amaze me. He always manage to show his true colors. I will pray that this one may be the one and that things will work out.

Tyrone opens the door and I follow behind him. I know now that this man really makes good money just by how beautiful and immaculate his house is. “This is a gorgeous house,” I tell him. “Thank you my grandfather built this house for my grandmother, and when she died she left me the house. I just updated it and decided to move into it. It didn't make any sense to rent it out or to let it just sit here. Because this house meant so much to my grandparents, I knew that I had to do something and just letting it sit was not an option for me.” I can understand that, and I am not mad at him for doing it that way, especially when the house has been left to him and it is paid for. All he has to do is pay the property taxes on the house.

I realized at this point that this man really has his stuff together. He fix us some drinks and we sit on the couch and talk for hours just getting to know each other. It is five o'clock in the morning, when I realize what time it is. I have been over to this mans house, that I just met, all night. It doesn't surprise me because after the conversation, that we have had, I feel like we have known each other for years. I really enjoy this mans company it is different than being with Calvin or some of the other guys that I have come encountered with.

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