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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Don't mess up the birthday

 For my birthday Derrick threw me a birthday party.  I was shocked that he had time to do this but I was glad that he was doing this for me on my day.

Derrick got me a suite at the Hilton, on the concierge level. He had taken me shopping, before we checked in to the hotel. I was ready to lay down for a little while, before we went out that night.

Elenor had called me, while I was resting, and told me that Patrick had taken off in her car and he hadn't came back yet and we would have to come pick her up or she wasn't going to go to my party.  I was not going to have everyone at my party except for my mother.  When I pulled up in the yard three hours later Patrick still had not shown up.  I was angry and I started yelling at Derrick because I had already told him that Patrick was a crack head.  The entire night while everyone was having fun, Elenor could not stop wondering where her car was.  After the club we all went to breakfast and dropped Elenor off at home.  Patrick still had not come back and she was going to call the police, and report her car stolen.  Derrick told her not to call the police but to give him a chance to talk to him.  Elenor trusted Derrick and told him that she would give him until morning to bring her car back.  That night Derrick was going to go look for Patrick but I was not going to let him because it was my day and no one was going to mess that up for me, especially not Patrick.

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Are you still interested in reading? Why?
What has someone done to you to mess up your birthday?
Is there anything that you would do differently? If so what?

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