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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Livin life with or without you

While Derrick was doing all of his lying, I was making plans to live my life with our without him.  I just wanted to live my life to the fullest and not worry about what happens in it.  If I was going to be with Derrick it was going to be totally up to him.

Derrick always had this thing that he wanted to play match maker. No matter what I said to him he always felt like everyone needed love.  If anyone should know about hooking up it would definitely be him because these days he was getting too much love.  To him this was all a game and I was wondering when the games were going to end.

I wanted to have a get together because I hadn't talked to my family in a while.  we invited everyone over to the house.  Derrick had gotten a call from an old friend that he grew up with.  Patrick wasn't doing very well.  He told Derrick that he hadn't eaten in a week and he was living in his car in the park.  Derrick was not going to let a friend be out in the street.  While I was in the kitchen cooking, Elenor came and told me that Derrick had just pulled up and he had a friend with him.  I wasn't sure who Derrick had with him because he never mentioned to me that he was bringing someone with him.

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Should people find their own happiness or should you help them? Explain
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