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Friday, April 8, 2011

Left at the club

One night Nalana decided to call us so that we could go out and we really wasn't feeling it but we got up and got dressed anyways.  We were not looking our best but we were still looking good.  Nalana, Kinni and I are on the dance floor kicking it and while I'm still on the dance floor Nalana went to get us some drinks.  After a couple of songs Kinni and I are looking for Nalana and we can't find her.  On the other side of the club we hear screaming and yelling, we ran on the other side of the club to see what was going on.  Nalana was arguing with some chick about some dude Nalana was dancing with.  The girl Nalana was arguing with was with her girls and they seen us run up to get Nalana out of the club; we were in no mood to fight.  They thought that we were rushing their home girl and fight was on.  We're fighting in the club trying to help Nalana.  Security broke up the fight and put us all out of the club.  We are looking for Nalana and we can't find her.  We call her when we get outside because the truck is not where it was when we went in the club.  At first she doesn't answer the pone so now we are starting to really worry about her because we can't find her.  After calling her several times she answers the phone and tells us that she's at home.  Nalana had left us at the club after she got us in an altercation that we didn't know anything about.  She hadn't fought anybody she didn't even throw a punch.  Kinni and I have lost our shoes, earrings, and our hair is looking a mess and we had to find a way home.

We walked over to Carlos's because he was the closest to the club.  He only lived a block away.  Carlos wasn't happy that he had to take us home in the middle of the night but he took us home anyways.  We were so angry with her and we knew from that day froward that we would not be going anywhere else with her unless we met her there.  We would not be riding with her anymore.  From that day forward I knew that Kinni would always have my back and she knew that I would always have hers.

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Are you still interested in reading? Why?
Have you ever been left at a club? What happened?
Is there anything that you would do differently? If so what?

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