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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

You never know where you will meet a good friend

You never know how you might meet a good friend for life.  You could meet your best friend in the grocery line, maybe at a movie, or maybe at a job training class sitting next to you.

That's how I met Kinni; I met Kinni at a job training class.  It was in sales for a major company but we were the only two in the entire class dressed up.  I felt so uncomfortable when I walked in, that I found the person that looked more like me and sat by them.  While I was thinking that I was overdressed, Kinni was feeling overdressed as well.  I took a seat next to her and we started talking about all the people in the place.  We instantly hit it off, not knowing that we were going to make a connection.  We talked for a little while and then we decided to work together as partners when they split us up in groups.  We made a good team because we were both about that money.  On lunch break we would go to her house for lunch and get high as a kite and then we would go back to work and finish the day.  Kinni was down to earth and didn't take any shit from anyone and I knew that I had to make her my road dog.

Kinni is dark skinned five six and has a body on her.  People either liked Kinni or the didn't.  Kinni was sixteen years older than me but you couldn't tell.  Everyone that we hung with would get jealous that we would hang together and that we had so much in common.  Not only that they were angry because I was young and they couldn't understand why she would want to hang out with someone as young as me.  Yes I was young in age but my mind was much older because I had to grow up faster than most people.

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Have you met a friend that you have had for a long time in a strange place? Where?
Is there anything that you would do differently? If so what?

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