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Friday, April 29, 2011

Girls night gone bad & you're busted

Esther got to the house and she was telling us everything that Dixon had done.  We were mad at him and every man in America.  Esther was going on and on about Dixon.  While she was talking abut Dixon, she received a phone call from Margie.  Esther asked me if it was okay if Margie came over and I told her that I didn't care.  Margie came over and we were having a nice time.  I started talking about Derrick and Margie asked if I was talking about Althea's Derrick.  Kinni and I looked at each other and asked "who is Althea?"  We thought she had the wrong Derrick until she said his cousin and sister's name.  I asked her what she knew and she started laughing like I had just made a joke.

I was starting to get angry and Kinni noticed that I was getting mad and she told Margie to tell us everything that she knew.  Margie started telling us that Derrick and Althea had gotten married about three months prior.  I was angry and I told her that she had to be lying.  Margie told me that she wasn't lying because she went to the wedding and how nice it was.

We started arguing and then Margie got in my face and started talking trash.  I wasn't going to sit there and argue with her so I punched her in the face.  When I punched her we started fighting.  Esther tried to jump in and Kinni pulled Esther off of me and they started fighting.  I hit Margie so hard that she fell through the mirrored screen that I had.  Esther heard the glass shatter and seen Margie falling.  She ran to grab her but she couldn't gt to her fast enough because Kinni had beaten her so bad.  Esther pulled Margie up and dragged her out the house.  Kinni and I were ready for more but we were not trying to go to jail.  Kinni stayed with me that night so that I wouldn't do anything crazy.

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