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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Men gone crazy

Destiny, Kinni, Lynn and I had gone out for New Year's Eve and we partied like rock stars.  We had so much fun that we didn't want it to end.  We were so drunk that we couldn't do anything else but go home and pass out.  Kinni was the designated driver for the night.

We dropped Lynn off first and when she got home her man was waiting for her in the house in the dark with the couch facing the door like she was a teenager coming in late.  When Lynn walked in the house she started laughing when she seen him sitting in front of the door looking like he was going to scold his teenager.  He was mad because we had gone out and kicked it and it was New Years Eve, and he wanted her to be at home waiting on him when he got there but the joke was on him because she was kicking it probably harder than he was.

We dropped Destiny off next and Raquan was sitting in the bushes in the church parking lot where it was pitch dark and you couldn't see him.  When Destiny got out of the car we made sure that she got in the house before we pulled off.  Destiny had to go to the bathroom so bad that she lost one of her shoes outside running in the house.  When she finished using the bathroom she went back outside to find her shoe.  As she is looking for her shoe, she sees these headlights coming from out of the trees.  Destiny thought that she was drunk and just tripping; she didn't pay it any mind she just kept looking for her shoes. Raquan pulled up in the yard like a bat out of hell and jumped out and they started fighting because she wasn't at home when he came in from kicking it. Destiny lost a contact.

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