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Friday, April 8, 2011

In it for the money

Esther's husband Dixon had two kids but Dixon couldn't take care of the kids because he was strung out on crack and he was always in and out of jail.  Esther had gotten an attorney to get custody of the children because the mama was a crack head as well.  I thought that it was a good thing that she was going to take care of the children and get them out of a bad situation, and for that I gave her credit.  Esther made sure that the children was well taken care of but I always knew that it wasn't all about the love that she had for the children but it was about the money that she would be getting for them as well.

Esther didn't like the fact that Kinni and I were so close and she was determined to do whatever she could to break us apart.  After being gone for two and a half months when I returned to the house Kinni had told me that she was moving out.  I thought this was very strange because she hadn't said anything to me about moving; but before she could explain to me what was happening Esther and her friend Margie was pulling up.  They got out the car and knocked on the door.  I let them in and they walked in with a straight attitude.  I didn't understand what the problem was but I didn't say anything.

Kinni and I were just starting a smoke session and I wasn't going to be rude and not include them although I really didn't want to because of the way that they had walked in my house.  After the session they started moving Kinni's things and Esther said something to Kinni but I heard Kinni go straight off on her.

Are you still interested in reading? Why?
What would you do if someone walked in your house and didn't speak to you?
Is there anything that you would do differently? If so what?

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