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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tarot card reading gone bad.

Kinni and I had our tarot cards read by this girl named Tee Tee. Tee Tee was good but she wasn't great at least that's what we thought.  Tee Tee told us that we shouldn't go out for a few weeks because we were going to get into an altercation with a woman and someone that we haven't seen in a while will be there when the altercation happen.

My birthday was coming up and we really wanted to go out but we thought about the tarot cards read.  Kinni suggested that we throw a birthday party and just invite our closest friends.  We knew if we did it that way, there would be no problems or altercations.

We cooked and prepared for the party all day long.  The guest started arriving and it was cool.  We ate, laughed, talked, listened to music and smoked.  People started to leave and we were cleaning up and then another group of people showed up and that's when we really got the party started.

Kinni's brother Jason and his friends had came over and they were drunk but they wanted to get drunker.  We were drinking and playing domino's having a good time.

Tee Tee called me to wish me happy birthday.  Tee Tee didn't sound very good over the phone.  I invited her over to kick it with us to get her out of the funk that she was in.  Tee Tee got to the house and we invited her in gave her a drink and made her feel comfortable.  Not knowing that Tee Tee couldn't hold her alcohol, she started talking trash to the fella's and they were getting irritated by the way that she was talking to them.

Jason pulled Kinni and I to the side and told us what was going on and that we needed to check our girl.  We started paying attention to the domino game and see how she was acting.  Every time that Tee Tee would score she would call them bitches and hoes and they were getting tired of all the names.

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Are you still interested in reading? Why?
Have you ever had a psychic reading that was true? What happened?
Is there anything that you would do differently? If so what?


  1. this was the first story that i did not connect with. How did the Tarot reading go bad?

  2. Sidne, the BCR...The Tarot Reading was okay while we were having it but the information that the physic gave us was right and wrong. It happened the way she said it would happen but she was not accurate on who it was. I wish that I could give you the entire story but I know that your suspense will kill you to find out how it all went down and how it started.

    Thank you for your participation and constant support and please keep your comments coming. I love to read and see what you have to say.