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Friday, April 8, 2011

Adventurous Kansas City

A week later Kinni and I went to Kansas City to go gamble and get away from the town for a little bit.  We were on our way to the casino and we were on the freeway.  This van pulled up on the side of us and wanted to race.  Kinni and I were high as hell and we thought it was funny that they really wanted to race us but we thought what the hell, we would race them until it was time for us to get off at our exit.

We were flying down the freeways and there was a police on the side with his radar.  We came flying past the officer and when I seen the police I didn't stop, I just got to our exit as fast as I could.  When I got to the exit I got off the freeway and turned on the street where the casino was.  We pulled up at the casino and parked.  We just knew that the police was going to catch us so we were looking to see if we had been followed.  When we noticed that no one was behind us all we could do was laugh.  I was so nervous because we had an ounce of weed but it smelled like we had a pound of weed.  We could not afford to go to jail in Kansas City.  We finished smoking a joint, and were headed into the casino to do a little gambling.

Before we decided to go in the casino we were talking about how many times that I had locked the keys in the car.  Forgetting that we had just had that conversation, I got my purse from the back seat turned off the car locked the doors and jumped out.

I noticed that I still had my window cracked and I wanted to let it up because there had been a lot of break-ins in that area and they were warning people to be safe and lock up.  When I went to unlock the doors I could not find the keys.  I thought that I had thrown them in my purse but I hadn't. After pulling everything out of my purse I realized what I had done.

Kinni saw me laughing and she automatically knew what i had done and she started laughing.  We didn't want to call the police because we knew that when they opened the door they would smell the weed and we would be arrested.  It was so cloudy in the car that we just didn't want to take that chance.

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