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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Paul and Tanya gone crazy...(JCD)

We went to the house called and checked on everybody and everybody was okay, except for three of the homies, who were not accounted for and no one had heard from them.

An hour later the phone rang and it was Paul.  Paul had told us that Malik and Jerome had been arrested when they were leaving the club.  Ronny got dressed went to the stash and pulled out the money.  He told me to get dressed and go with him.  I got dressed and went to the jail with him.  I signed for everyone to be released in my custody, while Ronny sat in the car and waited for us to come out.  We went to the house and Malik and Jerome found a place to sleep and Ronny and I went and got in the bed.

Paul and his girlfriend Tanya argued about everything.  They argued so much that they were known as the arguing couple.  Tanya was mad that Paul had not come home and Paul was trying to explain to her what had happened and told her that he was going to stay at the house until in the morning so that he wouldn't be messed with by the police.  Tanya did not like that he was not coming home.  I guess after she stewed over the situation she decided to get in her car, in her night gown and come over.  Tanya was beating on the door and yelling for Paul to come out but none of the homies would open the door.  Everyone just laid there and acted like they didn't hear her beating on the door and yelling like she was crazy as hell.  I got angry and got up out of the bed, put on my robe and went and opened the door.  When she saw it was me that opened the door she started yelling at me.  "Where is Paul? Are you the one he's sleeping with?  What's going on over here?  Somebody better start talking and talking fast," she yelled.  "You need to stop in your tracks right now.  Everybody is here and we are all sleep and don't you come over here with that drama. Now you need to take your ass home and take care of that baby and Paul will be home in the morning," I said.  "You go get Paul and tell him to get his ass out here right now and I'm not playing or you will be sorry," she yelled.  I laughed reached in my pocket and pulled my gun out and said, "You listen to me and listen to me good, the only one that is going to have a problem is you if you don't get your crazy ass off my porch. Now I'm not going to say it again, go home and Paul will be there in the morning.  The next time you open your mouth I will start shooting.  Now I'm giving you a chance to go home so please go home."  Tanya looked at me but she didn't say anything she just turned around and got in her car and drove off.  I shut the door and told Paul not to let this happen again.  I went and lied down with my man and Paul's phone did not ring for the rest of the night.  The next morning when I got up to fix breakfast Paul told me that he appreciated how I handled Tanya and that he wouldn't allow it to happen anymore.

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