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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Always watch your back (JCD)

A couple weeks after this incident I told Ronny to always watch himself and his surroundings when he is coming home because you just never know who may be following you.  Ronny assured me that he would be cautious but one night they were leaving from the club and they came straight to the house to see if I wanted to go to breakfast.  They were drunk and we lived about ten blocks from the club and they knew that they could make it to me so that I could drive to get us some breakfast.  They were so drunk they didn't realize that they were being followed.

One of my biggest customers that would come to the house lived next door to me and sometimes he would come to the back door get his dope and the hop back over the fence.  I never kept my back porch light on because no one ever came back there.  When the neighbor started coming to the back door I started leaving the back porch light on so that I could see who was walking up on me.

My other neighbors always checked on me when Ronny wasn't there.  On this particular night, I was sitting at home watching TV and I heard a knock on the door.  I grabbed my gun and looked out the peep hole.  I didn't see anyone out there.  I sat back on the couch turned the TV to mute to see if anyone was lurking around my house.  Rob and I had made a secret code for me to do if I ever needed him for something.  I thought that I had seen someone but I wasn't sure.  Before I could knock on the wall three times Rob had decided to take the trash out and when he was back in the back taking out the trash he noticed a man standing on my back porch smoking a joint.  Rob then proceeded to ask the man his business and when the man got smart with him Rob told him that it would be in his best interest to leave.  The man didn't want any problems so he pretended that he left.  When Rob  went back in the house he came out the front door.  He knocked on the door and announced himself.  I opened the door and he had told me what had just happened.  We went over the secret code because I told him that I had a feeling that this wasn't over.  I called Ronny and told him what was going on at the house and he informed me that he would be home in twenty minutes.  Before Ronny could get to the house it had already went down.  I seen a shadow at my back door and I could tell just by the shadow who it was because I had seen this shadow before.  It was like living in a nightmare all over again.  "Get away from my door." I screamed but he would not leave.  The shadow then tried to open up my door because he started twisting the knob and at that moment all I could think about was that I had to protect myself.  This man was not going to hurt me any more.  I started shooting.

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