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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Meeting Malik and Ronny (JCD)

Every day was starting to be a party for me.  I drank every day.  Christina and I would go through a bottle of Alize every day sometimes two bottles depending on what was going on at the time.

One night we decided to stay at the house and invite some of the home girls over and just have a girl's night.  I fixed a veggie and fruit tray, a meat, cheese and cracker tray and we had three bottles of Alize and an ounce of weed, we were set for the night.

The first thing we decided to do was talk about work for those of us who had jobs and of course all of them hated on me because I didn't have a job and they couldn't understand how I was keeping my spot with no job.  Then we started talking about me and how I was tricking men out of their money and doing each others hair.

Christina told me that she had this number and she wanted me to call and see who answered the phone.  I called the number and this guy named Malik answered the phone he asked me who I was and I told him my name.  He asked me how I got his phone number.  I gave him this story about how someone game me the number and told me to call it and see if a woman answered the phone.

Malik was with his homeboy Ronny and I could hear him in the background telling Malik what to say.  I talked to Malik for about thirty minutes and then he told me that he had to go and would call me later but before he hung up the phone Ronny grabbed the phone from him and told me not to hang up.  From the conversations that I had with Malik and Ronny I could tell they were cool, down to earth people.  People that I would like to get to know better but I am not going to let them know that, not right now anyways.  I talked to them everyday for about a week and then we decided to hook up.

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Are you still interested in reading?  Why?
Have you met anyone by calling the wrong number that you hooked up with? If so who?
Would you hook up with them again? Why?
Is there anything that you would do differently? If so what?

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