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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ronny is the King....(JCD)

Instead of Ronny going out that night he had everyone come to the house and that was the first time I got to meet the majority of the homies.  They welcomed me with open arms and I was now part of the clique.  This was my family now.  There were so many homies that we were like one big happy family.

Malik came over to the house and you could tell that he was upset about the situation but I didn't care about how he felt.  He had first dibs and he didn't want it.  he just took if for a joke.

After Ronny introduced me to everybody and we had our smoke session he called Malik to the side.  I wasn't sure what he had said to Malik but whatever it was Malik wasn't very happy but he didn't argue about the situation.  I seen then that Ronny was the big man and everybody treated him like he was the king and he took care of his troop just like he was the king.

Everyone was very protective over Ronny.  Ronny was the life of the party and they always surrounded him like he was the king and now I was his queen.

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