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Friday, March 18, 2011

Menage a trois......

Terrence fixed us a few more lines and rolled three king size joints.  I was sitting on the floor and they were sitting on the couch.  I snorted a line so hard that it made me dizzy.  I stretched out on the floor to shake it off.  Nick and Terrence snorted their lines and got down on the floor as well.  They both started to suck on my breast and I felt like I had just gone to heaven again.  I was curious but nervous at the same time about what was about to happen.  They both spread my legs and I felt someones hand go down my pants.  I opened my eyes to see who it was and it was Terrence.  After playing with me he pulled his finger out and I watched him lick his fingers.  Terrence was looking at me so sensuous that I got mesmerized by his eyes.  Nick took my pants and panties off and Terrence continued to suck on my breast.  Nick spread my legs apart and started sucking on my sweet nectar.  I could feel Terrence's hand on the inside of my thigh pulling my legs further apart.  I wasn't sure what to do except for what I had seen in porno's.  I let them guide me in the direction that they wanted me to be in.  I was use to having sex with Nick, there was no difference when he entered me.  Terrence was huge and I couldn't wait to feel what he was working with but I couldn't let Nick see that I really wanted to sleep with Terrence and not him so I waited.  When it was Terrence's turn before he even entered me all the way he had gave me head so good that I felt like my head was going to pop off.  He barely entered me and I started to scream, he was spreading me farther than any man had ever done.  I loved every bit of Terrence and i didn't want him to stop and he kept giving it to me long and hard.  After we were done I realized that was the first time that a man had ever made me have an orgasm.  I have had some good dick but none like that.  Terrence took me to a new level, he brought a lot out of me that I didn't even know that I had.

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Have you ever had a menage a trois? If so would you do it again and why?
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