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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Men...Take care of your children

Nick told me that he had a son that lived in Joplin, and he was going to fight to see his son.  I liked that about him, because it is very important to that men take care of their children.

My belief is a man that can't take care of his kids can't take care of his woman.  Many women don't believe that but I do and I live by it.  I was glad to know that he wanted to take care of his child.  I was going to help him do just that, however I could.

Nick got split custody of his son and he got visitation rights to keep him for the summer.  He was glad to finally have the chance to get some quality time with his son but he had to go to Joplin to get him because his baby's mama wouldn't meet him half way, because she was mad that the judge had given Nick everything that he asked for.  He went to Joplin with Rosetta to pick his son up and bring him back.  In the mean time I cleaned up the house real good and got the room that he was going to be staying in ready for him.  They were going to stay at Debra's.  When they got back to the house they were glad to be back but I could tell that something was  wrong with Nick.  "What's wrong babe?" I said.  "I just want a double shot of Henney a fat joint and some peace and fucking quiet right now," he said with an attitude.  I fixed him a drink and rolled us a joint and when I lit the joint he started to vent.

Here are your discussion questions.  Please feel free to post your comments or check if you find this discussion to be funny, cool or interesting.  Thank you for your participation and your constant support.

Are you still interested in reading? why?
Do you think that it is right for women to give men hell to see their children? Why?
Why do you think that women give men so much hell to see their children?
Is there anything that you would do differently? If so What?


  1. (sandra) I am reading this chapter right it is not right for women to use their children like that. But they do....women do it for different reasons, some outta anger, some outta revenge. BUT NO MATTER THE REASON IT'S NOT RIGHT! AND THEY REALLY NEED TO STOP. I HAVE THREE CHILDREN & WOULD NEVER DO THAT TO MY CHILDREN NOR THEIR DADDY!

  2. Already....I feel like it is wrong to use children against the daddy. It is not hurting the mother but it is hurting the children most of all. Women need to put their anger aside and do what is right for these children. When will it ever end?????? Thank you for all your participation and I hope that you are enjoyin your book.