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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Get out or Go to Jail?....(JCD)

Females hated me because they knew that I was spoiled.  I really didn't care though because I loved all the attention that I was getting.  People respected me because they knew that I didn't take anything from anyone not women or men.  I found the furniture that I wanted.  I set up a time for the furniture to be delivered, called the homies and they met me at the house with the truck.  I was packing the house as they were loading it.  I started to feel queasy so I started moving a little faster.  We were loaded and ready to go in two hours and I was so ready to go.

I told Rob that he should think about taking his girl and the kids to his moms or something for a little while until it calmed down but he insisted on staying.  I was not going to stop him; he was grown and could do whatever he wanted to do.  It was his choice but Ronny and I was not going to stay over there we were out.

The next night Lashelle called me and asked me where we were at and I asked her why she wanted to know.  Lashelle told me that the police had the whole block closed off and they were at my house raiding it.  I started to laugh because the joke was on them, but deep down all I could say was thank you God for showing me a way out.  I knew then that I had a gift and a special relationship with God.

Here are your discussion questions.  Please feel free to post your comments or mark if you think this discussion is cool, interesting, or funny.  Your views are very important.  Thank you for your participation and constant support.

Are you still interested in reading? Why?
Have something tragic happened to you and you barely escaped it? If so what? How did you escape?
Is there anything that you would do differently? If so what?

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