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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Is he a stalker?

I clean up my house take a nice long hot bath and then call him. He answers the phone and he sounds like something is terribly wrong. “Hey baby, are you okay? I have been trying to call you to make sure that you made it home safely. I was worried about you,” he say. I am glad to know that he was worried about me, in fact I am really flattered. Could this really be the one for me? I say to myself as he is talking to me. We agree to meet for dinner tonight because he says that he needs to see me. We finish our conversation and I continue on my day.

Not sure of what to wear after looking in my closet for over an hour; I decide to call Kinni, Leigha and Destiny and have a girls day out. We go to the mall to do a little shopping to see if I can find something cute to wear. When we leave the mall we decide to go to lunch and have a couple of drinks. When we have drinks, sometimes we seem to get a little crazy but its all in good fun.

After having lunch we decide to go to the spa and have some relaxation to end our day. After having our massages, waxes and facials we end our day and say our good byes. I go home and prepare myself for Tyrone.

This man has some mystery about him and I want to be prepared for whatever he has planned for us. Something tells me that we are not just going to be having dinner.

I run me some bath water and decide that I better take the edge off just in case I really don't want to give this man any of my sweetness, and if I should happen to, just in case that he can't rock my world at least I will have some kind of relief. I grab my vibrator and head for the bathroom. I turn off the running water and get in the tub and turn on the jets. I can feel the water hitting against my skin. I close my eyes, lay back and enjoy the warmness of the water and the soft melody of Marvin Gaye playing softly in the background. Slowly sinking down in the tub I open my legs and I can feel the vibration from the jets. I'm just about to get deep into it and I vaguely hear the ringing of the doorbell. I open my eyes for a second because I must be tripping, but then I hear it again. I could go open it but I'm right where I need to be. I figure if it is important they will either stay until I finish or they will leave, but at this moment all I can think about doing is finishing what I started. I continue to listen to Marvin Gaye and feel the water and the vibration up against my skin. I continue to play with my candy until I'm ready to explode. I can hear the soft sound of the music and the deeper I am getting into it, I can see all the things that I want Tyrone to do to my body. The more I see it, the wetter I am becoming. I am almost ready to explode. I can hear the softness of his voice whispering in my ear, telling me to give it to him, to give it all to him. At this moment all I want to do is give it all to him and I lay back and give him all of my sweet candy. I start to explode. I finish taking myself to ecstasy and I lay back in the tub to see if whoever was ringing my doorbell is still there or if they have left.

Five minutes later I hear the doorbell ring again. Getting pissed off I jump out the tub, dry off and throw on my robe and run down the stairs to see who is ringing my doorbell. Opening the door, with an attitude, I see Tyrone standing there looking oh so good. “You're early babe,” I say in shock. “I know that I am but I couldn't wait to see you. I had to see that pretty smile and those sparkling eyes.” “Okay, okay you don't have to continue, I get the point.” In the back of my mind I think that this is going to be a problem because now I'm really scared that this man is a stalker for sure. I think that this is weird as hell, but I try to give him the benefit of the doubt and just say that this man is really nice.

“Make yourself comfortable, I have to finish getting dressed,” I say to him.

I go back upstairs and call Kinni to tell her what is going on. She starts to laugh and tells me to make sure that I get his license tag number and his legal first and last name. While she is trying to make jokes I have this strange man downstairs walking around in my house. I tell Kinni that I don't have time for jokes to go get her pen and paper because I am about to go out on my balcony, off of my bedroom, and give her this information. Just in case I come up missing or she hasn't heard from me by morning.

Kinni starts to laugh and tells me to go get the information. I go out on the balcony and walk around looking in every window hoping that he doesn't see or hear me. I get the information and give it to Kinni and go back in the house to finish getting dressed. I am getting dressed and I can smell something cooking. Before I put on my dress I throw my robe back on and go downstairs to see what is cooking.

Tyrone has informed me that as long as it is taking me to get dressed he has decided to fix me a snack before dinner. I am honored that he is thinking about me like this. I am hungry. I realize that he is stepping up his game. He leans over and kisses me like he is never going to see me again and he tells me that he will be right here waiting on his queen to finish getting dressed. I feel all giddy inside but it feels good to have a brother think of me as his queen.

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