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Monday, June 20, 2011

The beginning of a new life

It's every girls dream to be married at least once in her lifetime. To live the Cinderella fantasy. I always thought that I would be the first one married, before my brothers and sisters and most of my cousins but unfortunately life had something else in store for me.

Friday night and I'm getting dressed, getting ready to go to the hottest party in town. It's a black and white ball and I have been invited. This is the ball where the who's who will be attending. Part of me wants to stay home and have a girls night out, but I have to go to this ball and pretend that I am into it because this is the time for me to promote myself and my upcoming projects. The worst part of it all is that I have to attend this event alone. Hopefully I will meet someone while I'm there and if I don't, lord please don't make this event longer than I can handle.

I turn on the radio to see what's playing and find a station that is playing the quiet storm. Continuing to go through all the stations to see if there is anything else that can compete with the quiet storm. I don't find anything else on and I go back to the previous station. When I get back to the station I can here the sound of Luther and now I am ready to go take a nice hot bubble bath. As I'm soaking I can vaguely hear the phone ringing. I think to myself, I can get out the tub and see who it is, or I can lay here and enjoy the calming sound of the music playing in the background while the hot water gently hits up against my skin. At this moment I just want to relax and enjoy my serenity and who ever it is can leave a message.

After relaxing in the tub for an hour I get out and dry off. While drying off I hear the doorbell ring. I know that I am not expecting to have any company until tomorrow. All of a sudden someone is starting to ring my doorbell off the hook and it is driving me crazy. I slip on my robe and run down the stairs to see who it is. I look out and see that it is Calvin. I open the door and ask Calvin “What are you doing here? I wasn't expecting you until tomorrow.” “I come to take you to the ball, I'm your knight and shining armor,” he reply. I laugh and say “when my knight and shining armor come around, I will know it and he will not look like you.” Calvin don't like my response and I don't care if he does or not. I am determined not to mess my night up with this nonsense. “Calvin, you have to go. I can't go to the ball with you. I am going by myself and you can leave now.” I say. “Woman don't play with me I'm taking you to this ball and that's that,” he reply. I realize that it doesn't matter what I am saying, he is not going to go anywhere.

Not in the mood to argue, I let him in and go upstairs and finish getting dressed. While I am getting dressed Calvin is downstairs fixing us some drinks. I walk downstairs and I notice Calvin staring at the pictures on the mantle. “Why haven't you been married?” He ask. I don't want to get into this right now, but I know that he is not going to let this go. Instead of getting into a long drawn out discussion I give him my generic answer. “ Maybe marriage just isn't for me,” I reply. He looks at me with this crazy look and shakes his head and let's it go. The doorbell rings as we are finishing our drinks. It's the limo driver coming to take us to the ball.

Arriving at the ball is more than I ever imagined it to be. This is absolutely beautiful, but I really wish that I was by myself or at least with someone other than Calvin. Calvin is a nice guy but he can be annoying as hell and he has this way of getting on my last nerves. When we get in the ball I really hope that he goes his way and I will go mine. I don't want anyone thinking that we are a couple. I know that Calvin likes me but he has never got up enough guts to really come at me, because he knows that we will only remain as friends. Every now and then he will try to act like he's my boyfriend but only when it's convenient for him. When he feels like someone is trying to get at me that's when he wants to act like we are together but when he sees someone that he wants to holler at then we are business partners. Still no matter what, at the end of the day we will only be friends.

Walking in the ball dress to impress, I feel like all eyes are on me. I know that I have it going on and no one can tell me differently. I have on a long black dress that is cut low in the back and has the diamonds going across the swoop, it has the swoop neck in the front where it shows just enough cleavage. I am rocking this cold pair of black stiletto pumps with the diamonds on the side and going down the heel. Looking my best and ready to handle business, I am going to walk around and see who I can see or who can see me.

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